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InboxGuru is a full marketing automation and sales engagement solution for Infor CRM

InboxGuru is built to provide marketers of companies using Infor CRM with a tool that is simple to install and learn, yet powerful enough to facilitate the more complex campaigns such as drip, trigger and nurture. It does not require IT involvement and directly leverages the core Infor CRM database and related custom data as its data source.  This means that the solution eliminates troublesome synchronization routines that often fail when an external system has to account for custom tables.

The core strength of Infor CRM is how well it customizes to each individual customer and how it brings in traditional back-office data from ERP into CRM.  With InboxGuru, the marketing systems speak directly to the entire Infor database and the system leverages dynamic groups  for enrolling individuals in drip and nurture campaigns.  This is a game changer for marketers and sales professionals using Infor CRM.

NOTE: InboxGuru is the same system built into Swiftpage ACT customer management system.

Benefits for your business

  • Built 100% inside your Infor CRM
  • Have your sales and marketing plan execute and align on prospect and customer communications.
  • Reduced complexity with eliminated need to sync contact data down to InboxGuru because it natively speaks to Infor dynamic groups. 
  • Use dynamic or ad hoc Infor Groups (or segments as marketers call them) which can automatically enroll people in a campaign based on changes to a record in CRM.  Groups like prospects in state of Michigan, contacts for Christmas card list, My top prospects, company monthly newsletter subscribers, etc.
  • Easily track campaign activity inside Infor CRM
  • Leverage data and data changes in CRM to drive campaigns
  • More personalized campaigns lead to higher response rates
  • Send the right communications, for the right reasons, at the right time
  • Simple email design means less training and support required to master the system.


Key Features 

  • Fully integrated email marketing with Infor CRM
  • Leverages Infor ad-hoc and dynamic groups
  • Easy to build multi-step drip email campaigns
  • Lead capture and web forms integration
  • Pre-built lead scoring
  • Website visitor tracking and web analytics
  • Lead management and lead alerts

Executive Overview of InboxGuru

Learn how Infor CRM dynamic groups are easily used for powerful marketing automation which works inside Infor CRM.


Video: Measure Marketing effectiveness: track opens, clicks, PDF views and You Tube engagement from Chrome and Outlook


Select to email from any Infor CRM email group list - contacts or leads:

Infor Dynamic - InboxGuru groups.jpg


Drip Campaign Management in Infor CRM

InboxGuru Drip campaigns.jpg

Campaign with a decision block using drag and drop visual designer

Drip Marketing with decision block.jpg

Easily Manage Email Steps, Manage Subscribers and view stats/dashboard

InboxGuru Drip Marketing - Email Step options.jpg


Types of actions for an email step

Email setup - action types.jpg


Infor CRM Lead or Contact record shows that person's interactions under the History tab

Infor CRM contact or lead history from InboxGuru.jpg

Drip Campaign Statistics

Drip Campaign Statistics.jpg

Drip Campaign Stats Graph.jpg

Web site - Interactions per visit

 Web site - Interactions per visit.jpg


Nurture Marketing with InboxGuru

Drive engagement and conversion with nurture programs

One of the most significant advances for B2B and B2C marketers in recent years has been the development of advanced drip and nurture-based email marketing programs.  All too often, marketers have failed to get the value out of these solutions because of difficulty of use and lack of integration with the source data necessary to drive these campaigns.  With InBoxGuru, users can create 1 to 5-step campaigns in varying time intervals based on changes to Infor CRM data in lead, contact and account records.

About the solution

  • Built as a 100% native apps for Infor CRM
  • Allows for 3 types of email campaigns (Bulk, Drip and Nurture)
  • All fields in CRM database may be used as merge fields in email to create highly personalized, relevant messages.
  • InboxGuru leverages the complete Infor CRM database as it's email marketing database.  There is no external database to manage and no data sync to worry about.
  • Change in CRM fields (lead, contact, account, product, opportunity, etc.) can trigger fully automated nurture programs, auto-responders and transaction emails (If this happens do XYZ action)
  • Email metrics and lead/contact activity are automatically appended to records in CRM (contact history).

Multi-Step Drip and nurture designer.jpg

The 'Nurture Marketing' component adds the ability to insert Decision Blocks and Action steps, such as if the user responded to an email link then send them to a new marketing campaign.

Change Action Type.jpg

Decision block:

Nurture-decision block.jpg

The types of Decisions

Edit Decision.jpg


Sales Engagement Solution

Be prescriptive in helping your sales team connect and interact with the right prospects at the right time.

An organizational tool for the individual sales person.  

Great to jump start new sales reps with a proven workflow.  Each sales rep determine how they want to communicate with leads and contacts.

Powerful for the Top Salesperson looking to get more done and eliminate forgotten follow up

InboxGuru offers a full featured sales engagement platform as part of its core marketing automation suite for Infor CRM.  The solution allows sales and marketing to collaborate on creating prescriptive sales communication plans that include emails, sales calls and task management.  The system is decision-based and optimizes communications in a logical progression designed to optimize interactions between sales and prospects.

Solution Benefits

  • Establish and manage sales prospecting best practices
  • Maximizes engagement between sales and prospects
  • Decrease on-boarding time for new sales reps
  • Easily track sales prospecting effectiveness


Use the Sales Pilot to guide the sales professional through all the actions they need to do

Sales Pilot work list and management dashboard.jpg

Video of Sales Pilot that provides a tool enhancement to Inbox Guru that works with Infor CRM (Saleslogix) to guide the sales conversations, apply consistency so nothing is forgotten and to auto record the notes for historical reference.

View contact information from Infor CRM and move to the next workflow step.

Sales Pilot - move action forward.jpg

Easily and quickly Select the action

Sales Pilot actions list.jpg

About the sales engagement solution

  • Built as a 100% native app for Infor CRM
  • Engage marketing and sales to collaborate on creating and executing sales prospecting campaigns
  • Visual workflow designer
  • Build sales engagement workflows that include emails, marketing campaigns and calls linked to the contact/lead records in Infor CRM
  • Alerts of prospect activity
  • Linked to Dynamic Groups in Infor so new prospects enter the sales engagement workflow automatically


InboxGuru Sales communication designer.jpg


Asset Tracking

So, you know that they clicked on an attachment, but did you ever wonder how much they read or how long they watched our video. With InboxGuru, you now have that ability.



Get Started with Success with CRM

PDF Downloads:

InboxGuru Pricing Sheet

Native Marketing Automation

Nurture Marketing

Sales Enablement Solution

 How to PDF's

How to Send a Bulk Email

Building Landing Pages

Drip Marketing - Setup and Configuration

Editing a saved or draft drip campaign

Using the Email Editor