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Key Capabilities Checklist of CRM Success


People interested in understanding the capabilities of what is possible in today's contact management and  CRM - customer relationship management systems find it helpful to have a checklist. 

Prospective clients tell us that they discover new insights on various ways to solve old challenges in growing their business.   

They become delighted that we can help equip them with the tools and a long term solution to their business success.

A successful CRM system becomes an appreciating asset of shared knowledge and processes. You'll know your customer much better so you can serve their needs more effectively than your competition. 

A CRM system helps businesses and organizations attract ideal prospects, retain loyal customers, and grow profitable long-term customer relationships.


Key Capabilities Checklist
Check what is most beneficial to your business

Opportunity Management

Access vital opportunity data to forecast revenue, make adjustments in territories, and drive more deals to a close. Every business owner I know loves to have an accurate forecast of the "real sales" coming to their business.

It takes a well developed sales process that matches with the customer buying process.  New sales people can get up to speed faster with a path to run on and a CRM system to keep focus on the top opportunities.


Lead Management

Easily import leads into Infor CRM (Saleslogix); perform lead de-duplication and qualify leads so that clean, viable leads are in your system; create activities for leads to help you process leads more effectively and to retain a history of past activity; and automatically distribute hot leads to your teams fast. 

Marketing Campaign Management

Create, execute, and track highly effective, multi-channel campaigns from within Infor CRM that target your most profitable prospects and customers. 


Integrate Infor E-marketing, an on-demand service that extends the marketing automation capabilities of Infor CRM - enabling you to quickly and effectively reach out to your contacts, qualify and nurture leads, and grow your customer base. 

Provide your sales force with self-qualified contacts based on their open, clicks and time view the content that most interests them.


Customer Service and Support Management

Enhance the customer experience and build loyal relationships with a 360 degree view of your customers; ticket management and defect tracking; powerful search capabilities; and more. 

Obtain metrics on the key areas, categories and service issues reported by your customers. Make adjustments faster!


Intuitive Interface

Increase productivity and ensure high end-user adoption levels with a user-friendly interface, customizable workspaces, and a consistent experience across all access methods. 

Clients often respond that Infor CRM is very intuitive and they are able to become proficient quickly - a big plus for user adoption.


Account & Contact Management

Benefit for a 360 degree view of all customer interactions across the entire organization - from sales and marketing to customer service and support - to better sell to and service customers.  Identify multiple addresses and contacts per company account. Drill down from the company account view to the details of the related contact, opportunity or ticket. 


Calendar & Activity Management

Organize and track your activities, meetings, phone calls, and more so you can organize your days and perform your job effectively.  

Workflow & Process Automation

Automate your proven sales processes or other important business processes to drive opportunities to a close and to increase team productivity.  

Anytime, Anywhere Access to Vital Customer Data

Access infor Windows, Web, and Mobile clients from anytime, anywhere - even when disconnected - without sacrificing features or functionality.  


Business Analytics Tools

Gain deeper understanding of business and team performance through graphical dashboards, advanced business analytics tools, and powerful reports - helping you make improvements and more strategic decisions.  More on business analytics.....


Customer Self-Service options

Provide a differentiating experience by enabling customers to find the answers they need and submit tickets 24/7 via a customer self-service portal. Help them help themselves. 

Personalized Views of Information

Make informed decisions, increase productivity, and facilitate more thoughtful conversations with customers and prospects by combining your most relevant data into a single view using mashups, timeline visualizations of events, and customizable workspace. Personalize and increase user adoption and CRM continued success.

 Lookups & Groups

Quickly look up and organize groups of contacts, accounts, and more, and create letters, e-mails, and other customer and prospect communications to increase sales effectiveness and customer service.

Build groups of key characteristics of the company account and contacts that match filtered criteria so that your marketing is directed to specific interested people. 

Increase productivity by using smart groups and filters to get to the important information.




Advanced Customizations Capabilities

Tailor your solution to mirror your distinctive business processes and industry needs so you get the most out of your CRM solution. 

This is one of our favorites because you'll have a system that integrates within your business model and can continue to grow to meet your business changes.  Tailoring also greatly increases user adoption.

Application Integration

Seamlessly integrate with common productivity applications and a number of accounting solutions so your organization can leverage its existing IT infrastructure.  We have several clients who display accounting system product sales for customer accounts.  Sales reps can quickly view sales history.


Easy Installation & Deployment

Benefit from a complete CRM solution out-of-the-box that's easy to install - or leverage an experienced partner such as Success with CRM Consulting, Inc to work with you every step of the way - from implementation and support to training and advanced customizations.

Training options

Use links from the customizable "Welcome" page to access helpful "Do you know..." topics, perform quick day in the life actions, or link to other web content.

Access the Info CRM and ACT! University for a full range of topics for administrators, power users and end users.

We provide both hands-on group or chair side training along with web based where we can record the training as a later refresher.

Additionally we'll capture key "How - to ..." videos to share and increase user engagement with your CRM system


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