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Blogging for Business Success

Why a Business Blog is Important

Business-success-with-crm-blogAs you've probably heard, blogging is no longer just for narcissistic teenagers, political junkies, and cause-driven hippies.  A blog can be THE tool to connect your business to your customers.

A blog, an informal and informative "journal" that you update regularly, can be an active marketing tool.  A business blog is a major part of social media to extend your reach within your strategic Marketing planRather than merely set up a picturesque website that you hope someone will find, you put out helpful information related to your products or services.  People who are looking for remarkable information find your blog and discover you and your business, and find out that you have the ability to provide solutions to their problems. 

Even better, they have the ability to respond to your information and insights, ask questions, and interact with you via your blog.  You build relationships with your potential customers, and people are more comfortable buying from someone they know.

As you build these relationships, you make your business real to your customers.  You share what's new and changing in your company- staffing, research, and special events.  You show your expertise by providing useful information.  You become a point person and a resource by solving problems for your readers. 

When you show you have the expertise, ability, and credibility to meet the needs of your reader, you are better able to persuade them to make the purchase or contract a service.  

In addition, regularly updated information, like a blog, is more likely to be picked up by internet search engines than a static website.  That's why blogs are likely to be listed in the top ten of any Google search.  When potential customers connect with you via search engines, they find you.  You haven't had to spend ungodly amounts of your marketing budget on buying a mailing list or purchasing ads on the TV or radio.  You also haven't run the risk of annoying your potential customers with those kinds of interruptions.  Inexpensive and effective... win win!


Now is the time to Use a Business blog to create your content hub and begin to strengthen relationships with your readers - which may become business relationships. Be found easier. Implementing a Business Blog is part of our "Extend Your Reach" consulting services.


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