How better sales and marketing alignment can ensure sustainable business growth with CRM

Posted by Dick Wooden

Achieve success from sales and marketing alignment

As the recent research shows 87% of companies missing their revenue targets due to poor alignment of marketing and sales, while 75% of top-performing organizations have strong alignment between both departments.

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Success with CRM Consulting, Inc. Partners with bpm' online!

Posted by Dick Wooden

June 2, 2017 Cassopolis,, Michigan – Success with CRM Consulting, Inc. is delighted to announce its partnership with bpm’online, a premium vendor of a process-driven CRM for marketing, sales and service that helps thousands of organizations win more customers.

Sharing common values of excellence, expertise and innovation Success with CRM Consulting, Inc. and bpm’online are committed to empower clients with the best-of-breed CRM technology that helps businesses manage the complete customer journey and deliver an excellent customer experience. With the SaaS market to surpass $112.8 billion by 2019, cloud-based CRM solutions will accelerate digital transformation of companies providing them with the needed level of agility and flexibility to constantly reinvent their organizations in order to meet the needs of the ever-demanding digitally native customers.

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Technology eats the world - digital disruption

Posted by Dick Wooden

Digital Disruption in Software & Technology

Infor President Duncan Angrove discusses digital disruption and bridging the gap between what an analog company can deliver and what today's customer expects. Every company is being impacted by digital - the notion that technology and software eats the world.

Software and technology is disrupting every industry we look at. Look at Uber with phone and transportation, or Air B&B disruption of the rental market. Industries are getting disrupted by the application of technology.

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What is new in bpm'online CRM version 7.10+

Posted by Dick Wooden

There have been significant updates for bpm'online CRM the last few months.  In this article we'll mention the key hightlignts and resources for version 7.10 and the latest release 7.10.1. 

  • Leverage the enhanced tools for designing and optimizing business processes.
  • Gain maximum agility with case management. 
  • Keep track of the key performance indicators from your smartphone
  • Gain maximum agility with case management with bpm'online CRM. 
  • Quickly configure the system logics with simple user tools
  • Instantly find the information you need
  • Ensure an exceptional level of customer service
  • Effortlessly configure your CRM system
    Streamline the efficiency of your field sales
  • Create a 360-degree employee view 
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3 Important Keys to Choosing the Right CRM

Posted by Dick Wooden

Top 3 things to consider when choosing your CRM solution

Source:Infor blog May 2017

We can all agree there are plenty of solutions and vendors to choose from when it comes to CRM as it is a fundamental requirement for organizations to effectively manage their contacts and sales pipeline.  But it’s so much more, and if you choose the right solution, you’ll gain unprecedented productivity, collaboration and visibility to accelerate customer interactions that will lead to increased revenue.

Here are the top 3 things to consider when choosing your CRM solution.


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Top 3 eBooks on Artificial Intelligence to Supercharge Your Efforts in 2017 H2

Posted by Dick Wooden

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and CRM Integration

As the 2017 H1 is rapidly coming to an end we would like to share with you our Top 3 eBooks on Artificial Intelligence (AI) that will help you learn which intelligent tools for marketing, sales and service you should use to stay on the top of the game in 2017 H2.


1. eBook] What intelligent tools will help marketers build smarter marketing strategies in 2017. Explore how AI can fuel organizations' marketing efforts and help them drive higher ROI.
  • Why artificial intelligence (AI) is a game-changer for marketing teams in organizations from various industries.
  • How marketers can build more effective marketing strategies with intelligent segmentation, predictive lead scoring and next-best-action marketing capabilities.
  • What intelligent tools will help marketers generate more high-quality leads and optimize their marketing investment
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bpm'online tip - create new phone type for import

Posted by Dick Wooden

How to edit the list of social/phone types to add a new "toll-free" phone type

Usage Case:

Importing migrated data from another system into bpm’online needed to push an account’s and contact’s toll-free phone number into bpm’online database. Out-the-box the 3 types of communication options for a phone number for an account are:  Primary phone, fax and alternate phone, but no toll-free.  Thus, a new phone type lookup must be added first. 

Solution Steps:

#1 Create the new lookup, communications phone type of  “Toll-free”

To add a new phone type, please open System designer → Lookups. The information you need is stored under the ‘Communication option types’ lookup.  [Typically, this is something your CRM administrator would be performing].

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TOP 3 analysts' recent reports- make a smart CRM decision

Posted by Dick Wooden

We would like to share the TOP 3 top analysts' reports that provide deeper insight into the market dynamics for sales and marketing technologies and can become an important reference for your future software evaluations. All resources are complimentary.

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Top 10 Infor CRM Productivity Tips of 2017

Posted by Julie Cooper

Shortcuts and Productivity Tips Working Inside Infor CRM

Success with CRM Consulting - Providing you with Ah-ha! moments that make you realize you've got this... 

#1 - Increase Sales Productivity with Contour Geocode Mapping

Maps and Driving Directions
Let's say you are a field sales professional that is out of the office visiting a prospect.  You find that you have some time on your hands while visiting the Chicagoland area.  It would be very helpful to use your mobile phone or tablet to check options from your Infor CRM system.

The following is an image from Infor Mobile client and it is using a current location with option to show a type of account like Customer with a listing of those nearby.  Once an account type is chosen the list of accounts nearest you are shown.  In this case from 1.5 miles out to about 15 miles away.Minute Solutions to Your Most Common Infor CRM Issues

Every day brings us new challenges in our jobs, but we don't need our Infor CRM system to be one of them. We 'Just need it to work'!  Click to Learn More...

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Customer Care Excellence using Bpm'online CRM

Posted by Dick Wooden

Leverage Customer Relationship Management to enhance customer service and build loyalty

Your CRM system has the core components of company accounts, contacts and communications of your staff with your customers. Why not leverage your CRM information to enhance customer service and more up to being known for customer care excellence?

Every interaction with a customer has with your organization is an opportunity to build loyalty- or a chance to lose it.

Points to consider and gaining business success with CRM:

  • Acquiring new customers can cost 5 times more than satisfying and retaining current customers

  • A 2% increase in customer retention has the same effect on profits as cutting costs by 10%

  • The average company loses 10% of its customers each year

  • 5% reduction in customer defection rate can increase profits by 25-125%, depending on the industry

  • The customer profitability rate tends to increase over the life of a retained customer

A foundational core of CRM is the retention of loyal and profitable customers. How a customer feels about an interactions is the most significant driver of customer loyalty. 

Even small improvements in daily contact with customers and employees can result in a significant increase in loyalty – a leading indicator of future growth and revenue

Resolve customer questions, issues and requests quickly for a high-quality customer experience, capitalize on new selling opportunities, and provide convenient self-service solutions to customers with the easy-to-use functionality. 

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