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Your Business's Journey forward:  Are you Well-Equipped?

Do you enjoy travel? Are you looking forward to more of it once the pandemic has subsided?

We are too. Our family loves to visit national parks and hike in nature. We often enjoy the journey as much as the destination. GPS on our phones and trail markers have led us to many grand adventures.

In the quest for a more enjoyable business, it pays to regard it as a journey, too. An adventure. You don’t have to sacrifice profits to enjoy that journey more, either.

Here are four “travel tips” for finding your way AND boosting your profits.

Set up your business to run without you

At least for a few days or weeks or into the next generation. The sustainability of your business, as well as your own health, depends on it. Having staff in place who share your values and with whom you have a high degree of mutual respect and trust is probably the most fundamental step toward this goal. In addition, choose a CRM solution with the functionality to:

  • Automate systems where you can. Creatio low-code CRM, built on its highly successful business process management framework, is ideally suited to do this for innumerable inward- and outward-facing processes. Plus, its low-code platform makes it easily and quickly adaptable to your unique needs.

  • Share information, insights, and conversions. Your CRM should become one single source of truth accessible across your organization. Train your staff to always add notes to the CRM records of everyone they have contact with – and set the expectation by doing the same thing yourself – and no one will need to call you frantically to find out what you discussed with that trusted partner last week.

  • Build-in accountability. Used properly, your CRM will provide tracking of who made what contacts when, and what happened. It’s like a non-paper trail that is extremely useful for managers.

Find a guide who speaks your language and knows the territory.

In your business, you may already hire expert guides with specialties like accounting, HR, and technology. Similarly, a knowledgeable CRM partner who understands your industry-specific challenges and terminology will be valuable in helping you achieve your goals. Choose wisely – they should be able to explain their system to you in terms you understand, too.

For instance, as CRM partners, our first order of business with a client is to understand the language and needs of their organization and industry. We’ll ask questions and invite theirs whenever necessary to make sure we’re not missing each other’s meaning.

The Ultimate List of CRM FAQ's found here.

Get to know your travel companions.

The journey is more enjoyable that way, for them and you. Create systems and habits of engaging personally with customers and trusted partners and encourage your team to do the same.

  • Provide them with a roadmap. Your customers come to you looking for their own guide to moving their business forward. They want to know how your goods or services can meet their needs. The better you know them, the better you’ll be equipped to provide them with an easy-to-follow roadmap to reaching their goals using your solution.

  • Personalize their itineraries. Marketing messages need to be personalized to be effective. Planning a campaign that does so can be overwhelming unless you choose a CRM with robust marketing automation capabilities.

  • Find out how your customers and prospects like to be contacted, then do that. Almost everyone appreciates small gestures of kindness and attention. When your team uses CRM to capture every detail they learn about customers, you’ll have rich intelligence about who they are and how to relate to them.

Prepare to stretch yourself.

Stretching might not feel good at first. Indeed, moving beyond your accustomed range of motion doesn’t start out comfortable, but the result is usually satisfying and often downright fun. Don’t let fear of the new and unknown hold you back. Trust your preparation and your guide to lead to new rewards as you adopt and adapt to new processes and technology.


Since I’ve had the luxury of having very inspirational parent entrepreneurs and National park frequent travelers, thank you for reading about my favorite travel a-ha moments while experiencing Utah's magnificent red mountain ranges recently.

Dad -Terry-Breece - Bryce Canyon UT

 (Pictured: Dick Wooden, Terry Breece, Breece Cooper - Bryce Canyon, UT)

I choose all three! You can work, travel, nurture a successful CRM business and raise a family. That’s my norm.


Where do you want your business journey to take you? If you want to get a glimpse of Creatio low-code CRM and what it would be like to work with us as a guide, let’s talk. We are well acquainted with the path and committed to guiding you to a successful CRM transformation, from choice to implementation to customization.


Creatio low-code CRM – when you want to accelerate the journey to the digital transformation of your company.  Office: 268-445-3001 and ask for Julie.


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