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Xbar Educational Videos for Extending Reach and Value of Infor CRM

Increase the value of your CRM- Improve CRM user adoption - Get even more Productive

Improving user adoption and success in a CRM project involves providing various educational resource options. Here are some helpful videos to getting started with Infor CRM Xbar connector to Microsoft Outlook. 


Infor CRM Xbar Educational Video Links

Navigating Xbar 

How to navigate inside Outlook with Infor Xbar for interacting with Infor CRM member cards: accounts, contact, leads, tickets and opportunities. How to search CRM information and discovering What's new. How to modify Member view settings including which opportunity and ticket groups for viewing. How to use totem icons to view activities, past history, open tickets and open opportunities. Using the Ask icon to create new CRM information from Outlook.


Creating contacts in Xbar

How to create and modify Infor CRM contact information while inside Outlook.


Creating activities in Xbar

How to create and manage Infor CRM linked activities from inside Outlook such as new meeting, new note, new phone call or new to-do. How to update an Outlook appointment and the linked Infor CRM information in a new bottom panel. How to complete activities while in inside Outlook.


Creating opportunities in Xbar

How to create and manage Infor CRM Opportunity from inside Outlook. How to view all opportunities or a configured default group such as My open opportunities.


Recording history in Xbar

How to record the history of messages when sending them and for messages received to a CRM contact.


A wide-variety of Educational options

Depending on your organization and the learning styles of your CRM users we can craft an educational program that is a combination of on-site face-to-face with hands on access, go to webinars, anytime learning using customized videos specific to your business, and anytime learning through Infor CRM Training resources.

Let us know how we can help!

Contact Dick or Julie at 269.445.3001

Email Us: Dick@Successwithcrm.com  or Julie@Successwithcrm.com 


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Topics:   Productivity Tips CRM user adoption Make your business work smarter Productive Improvements

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