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Creatio CRM, Project Management

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Work gets managed with project tracking in bpm'online

Project management within bpm’online

The Sales Enterprise license of bpm'online provides some additional "after the sale capabilities" such as project management and invoicing. Typically, after the sale there is some type of implementation project and related invoicing activity.

Learn more now - View a 20 min video of how to set up time management for a project- 

Key Highlights from Video:

  • Manage both internal and external projects.
  • Set project deadlines, manage costs, assign tasks to owners or teams.
  • Manage planned and actual workload, time and cost to calculate efficiency of projects.
  • The system helps to identify the project cost overruns, as well as reminds you of the upcoming deadlines.
  • Keep abreast of the project progress by analyzing and distributing workloads in real time. Customize dashboards to monitor and analyze key project metrics.


Example of the project management section list:

           Project management listing in bpm'online CRM

Key Concepts:

  • A project is used after an opportunity is won and the work to be completed occurs.
  • At high level a project can be created manually and then linked to an account name, an optional contact and an optional opportunity.
  • A project can be setup to be created automatically such as when an opportunity is closed as won, when an order is created, when an invoice is created or by a defined business.
  • A project identifies the resources of who is working on the project
  • A project is where you store “Activities”: the work performed, by whom, date, duration (hours/minutes).
  • A project tracks inbound and outbound cash flow entries for financial analysis.
  • A project is managed using the “Project” section that is part of the Sales Enterprise license.
  • “Actions” available in the project section are:
    • Calculated financial indicators
    • Calculated actual working time
    • Recalculate estimated working time by subordinate items
  • The activity task duration is in hours and minutes. The field is calculated automatically as a sum of working hours within the planned start and end dates of the project activity.
  • For decision making there are dashboards for project analytics and project financial analysis show how the numbers translate into graphs



Creating a new project:

  • Defining the structure of a new project for “Building a web site”
    • Project type is required an includes: Complex project, Internal project or Maintenance
      • Duration is automatically calculated using the number of working hours between project start and project end dates
    • Percentage of completion is a non-editable value if the [Calculated automatically] checkbox is selected and is based on a [List of resources] detail.

Project detail view

“List of resources” is used to identify resources

  • Identify who works on this project and when they work on the project. Activity time is either track for a manual calculation or activity time can be applied automatically towards the completion of the project.
  • Example of a project resource: 

Project list of resources

  • Example of the project resources

List of bpmonlne project resources

Defining the “Structure” defines the hierarchy of the project steps (items).

  • There are ‘root’ items and ‘subordinate’ items.
  • A root item holds the steps of a project and in essence is a ‘mini project’ with its own resources and connected to items.
  • The root items can then have subordinate items. Using business processes the bpm’online system can create this structure automatically.
  • Example of project structure with multiple stages and steps:

 Project root and child structure

Completion of Activities identify the work performed

  • Now CRM project team members can an create activity task to plan and complete work on a project
    • Example of creating a project activity on the “Calendar”
    • Tip: You can create the range of time used on the calendar before adding the task so the duration is filled in for a new activity.
Entering activity time to project task
  • At some point the task is completed or it can be complete when created.
    • Update the status, enter any notes and save.

  • At the Project section listing, select the Actions drop down to:
    • Calculate financial indicators
    • Calculate actual working time
    • Recalculate estimated working time by subordinate items

 Project time re-calculation

  • Example where Completion % is updated.
    • Note that 9 hours of 20 hours work has been recorded           Updated project work time calculations


“Financial Indicators” indicates how the project is progressing.

  • “Cash Flow” sub section- example of recording a pre-payment:
    • Identify the purpose – a short description
    • Identify the type as “Inflow” or “Total outflow”
    • Identify the category as “Payment for Services” or “Reimbursement for expenses”. The category displayed options are specific to the type as Inflow or Outflow
  • Example of “Inflow” financial transaction

Inflow transaction for a project                   Example of Outflow transaction

Project outflow transaction

                   List of inbound and outbound cash

Project cash flow transactions

  • Project->Financial Indicators
    • Click on the icon by Financial indicators to update totals
      • Revenue is updated with the Inflow cash
      • Total outflow is updated with expenses
      • Total cost, Prime cost, Margin and margin %
      • With calculated deviation
    • Example of updated indicators: 

List of financial indicators


Project Management - Decision Analysis Dashboards

  • The Project Analytics view contains summary data on the projects: charts, metrics, ratings and reports. Analytical data is visualized via special dashboard tiles, each of which is a separate chart, list or metric.  
  • The dashboard tiles, their titles and contents are fully customizable. You can add custom dashboard tabs and populate them with dashboard tiles.


Project analytics dashboard bpmonline

Project financial analysis


The Project Financial Analytics dashboard example

bpmonline project financial analytics dashboard

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