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Creatio CRM, Unified CRM, IT Strategy

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Winning IT strategy: integrated unified system vs best-of-breed apps

How to develop a resilient IT strategy that can help your organization boost operational efficiency, accelerate your digital transformation initiatives and enhance customer experiences?

To get the answer,  join us for an upcoming online debate and immersive discussion on the hottest tech topic. Winning IT strategy: integrated unified system vs a range of best-of-breed apps

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Creatio-Winning IT Strategy debate

Speaker:   Mark Settle - Seven time CIO and two time author

Mark settle His most recent book – Truth from the Valley, A Practical Primer on IT Management for the Next Decade – describes the talent, technology and operational practices that have been pioneered within the Silicon Valley and are transforming IT everywhere.  Mark Settle has led IT organizations that support the internal business operations, product development activities and commercial web services of multiple Fortune 500 companies.  Most recently he led the IT team at a highly successful San Francisco-based startup firm through its transition from private ownership to public operations.  Settle serves on the advisory boards of several venture capital firms and multiple startup companies.  Seven members of his prior management teams are currently sitting CIOs within publicly traded companies.  


During this debate we'll try to find out what IT strategy works best for businesses.

Should CIO's and digital leaders focus on moving to a unified system?

Or should leaders focus on specific best-in-class app for each particular task and division?

Does this impact employee's productivity?

Which of the approaches shows a higher ROI?


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