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Creatio CRM, low-code/no-code, Accelerate Business Transformation

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Why We Choose to Be a Creatio Partner for our Clients

When a top analyst who specializes in your industry gives your CRM solution offering high marks, it confirms that you must be doing something right.

Paul Greenberg knows CRM. He is known as “the godfather of CRM” and founded the CRM Watchlist, which is an award that recognizes organizations that had the most impact on the market in the previous year and have the corporate infrastructure, strategy and resources to sustain that impact over the next three years. Creatio is a winner of the CRM Watchlist 2020. In making the announcement, Greenberg says Creatio’s “market impact is off the charts.”

In this insightful interview, Greenberg details the remarkable history of Creatio, formerly bpm'online, from the first time they got attention in the CRM Watchlist awards back in 2011 until now. One of the things he saw from the beginning that set Creatio apart was their knowledge of how their customers wanted to use technology. This played out in their development of “interfaces that were actually usable,” he says.



Since then, Creatio has become a leader in the trend toward “citizen apps,” meaning that any user can develop an app without over-reliance on IT teams because of the low-code platform. They’re not the biggest company, Greenberg says, but their impact is outsized, and they continue to innovate. Hence their winning tradition and recognition as a technology company with the most potential for success in the market given their overall nature as a company, not just their technology.

Why we choose to be a Creatio Partner

Julie and I enjoy our relationship with Creatio for several reasons. For one, they are committed to a true partnership. Because of our experience with them, we agree with Greenberg that the quality of the product and the quality and creativity of the management team set them apart. But most of all, we agree about how prominent Creatio’s vision and mission are in their value to our clients.  We are purposeful in delivering the best CRM that fits your business now and well into the future.


Creatio Vision - We create a world in which any business idea can be automated in minutes.

Creatio Mission - We help companies accelerate.

Accelerate by providing a platform to automate your business ideas Faster and Easier.

What does this mean to you? 

Creatio’s process-driven engine, automation capabilities, and low-code agility mean your users can get tasks out-of-hand – done more quickly and easily. “This gives you the ability to accelerate, to rapidly evolve your business possibilities," Greenberg says.

Creatio CRM is light years beyond what many companies have come to expect from customer relationship management software. It will truly accelerate the transformation of how you do business.

Ready to accelerate your progress?

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