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Why Sons of Anarchy Won't Use CRM - But Should!

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The FX TV series, Son's of Anarchy is an adrenalized drama with darkly comedic undertones that explores a notorious outlaw motorcycle club's (MC) desire to protect its livelihood. It is a popular TV series that recently ended after 7 successful and suspenseful years.  

It is the story revolving around the creation and operation of the Sons of Anarchy club with look backs to the founder John Teller who had a better vision for the club and eventually saw the death of the club coming before his untimely demise. The series tells the story from the perspective of Jax Teller (son of the deceased John Teller) who is going through his own life discovery process. It can be compared to the stories of the interactions of the Mafia crime families as told in the Godfather movies.

It involves both personal and business relationships that seem to change on a daily basis.  Who is friends or foes, who did what to whom, what are the agreements among the clubs, police, town leaders and so forth. It involves knowing what the secrets to keep are and which are to be shared.  But my premise is that because of the secrets and lack of knowledge sharing the club directly moves into the wrong direction and continues to make the same mistakes.  So here is my take on why the Sons of Anarchy would not use CRM but could have adopted the Core belief values and principle strategy of CRM for a much more rewarding life.

Security: setting up permissions in CRM  to hide access to key fields would help, like the payout of a job or who was wacked by what club member and why.  But once the ATF (Alcohol, Tabaco and Firearms Federal agency) had the data they would have gotten the goods they needed to hang the club and put them out of business.

Quicker Access to key contact addresses on their mobile phones would have saved lives.  The time wasted of having to call someone who knew someone that had information could have saved many misunderstandings, heartaches and sad violent endings.

But what if the thoughts of the club founder, John Teller, had more easily shared this vision of the club and where he envisioned a better club in the future - not the club that ran guns and all the bad shit that happens over 7 year of this series?.


If Jax, Bobby, Tig, Chubs and the other leaders in the Sons of Anarchy motor cycle club had known the real causes of J.T"s. (John Teller) death, I suspect the clubs succeeding president played by Ron Perlman would have been sentenced Mayhem, stripped of his President title and excommunicated by the other clubs presidents the first year, the son's would have not lost nearly all their members to deaths, their wife's and family's would not have been killed off or later destroyed, the collateral damage of members of the other motor cycle clubs would have been greatly reduced, your favorite show's actors would have lived less stressful lives. 

But the 7 year TV series would have not been so engrossing and would have died the first year of the series without the fiction of good story writing and an organization without CRM.  So I'm glad the Son's of Anarchy did not have a well-used CRM that shared insights on their customers and other people relationships. CRM comes into play when the well being of people who depend on business success are important.

When Gemma (Jax's mother and queen bee) says "I have too many lies I can't remember them all". I'm thinking some up front honest talk and actions years earlier could have resulted in less lies about why people where screwing one another over.  A well-used CRM is where knowledge is to be kept and is the system of record for customers, but somehow I don't see that happening in this TV series.

If you don't live in a fictional world, a strong customer strategy and well-used CRM really is a business imperative in the non-fictional world. 

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