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Why Mobile CRM - Driven by the numbers or coolness factor?

Yes, I admit it, I have a strong technology streak in my DNA.  Technology is ever changing and I believe providing an improved environment for businesses to compete and become more productive.

In the late 90's having contacts on your mobile phone was a big deal.  So when some new technology or software solution appears I jump on it.  I purchased an early Apple iPad and then the Verizon Droid mobile phone and then an iPhone. Now I'm using the Verizon Samsung  smart phone to stay in contact with people and my business. 

Creatio CRM has been making leaps of improvements and providing improved benefits for a business using CRM year after year, quarter after quarter.  With a solid core architecture in place and with new and improved architect/developer tools you'll be seeing faster developed functionality arrive to the marketplace.

Boy has times changed but also improved significantly in the mobile world.


Why Mobile CRM?

Companies can reap substantial percentage improvements in their business metrics from mobilizing sales force automation technology and services.

How important is it to your business to:

    • Increase field selling time 26%
    • Eliminate redundant activities 27%
    • Increase win rates 26%
    • Reduce sales call costs 25%
    • Increase forecast accuracy 25%
    • Decrease administrative time 24%
    • Decrease sales cycle 23%

Per the "Anywhere Enterprise-Large: U.S. Mobility and Business Applications Survey" from The Yankee Group.


Why should a current Creatio CRM user really care?

  • It's FREE!
  • Access data in our Creatio database from popular devices like smart phones or tablets: iPhone, iPad, & Galaxy Androids
  • Access your daily schedule, contacts and manage sales opportunities from a smart phone or tablet 24 x 7 x 365 with your Internet connection.

Why Should Prospects Care?

  • It's FREE, included with the Creatio purchase
  • Access Creatio CRM data from popular devices like iPhone, iPad, & Google Androids
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Configurable and Customizable
  • Connect to Creatio wirelessly, or cache and store information locally for off line use.




So if you are turned on by the beneficial numbers above, the desire to wirelessly connect to the main office and ability to easily update your CRM information, OR if the 'Coolness factor' takes over- please give us a call - 269-445-3001


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