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Why Infor CRM - Saleslogix Mobile?

Why would you want to use your CRM on a mobile device?

Because the work on developing relationships and building rapport with prospective and current clients has never really taken place in the office. The only reason it ever did is because we didn't know how to unplug our phones from the wall for a long time. Now that we've gone cellular and wireless, we can keep those efforts where they've always belonged: out in the field.

Quick Actions

You are in the field and need to made an important follow up. Quickly find the contact of interest and perform one click quick actions.  Stay productive and quickly connect, saving time.


No surprises, no delays

No-Suprises-SalesLogix-MobileAdding mobile functionality to your CRM keeps surprises from happening. For example, you may have a customer who calls in for support in the morning, just an hour or so before your sales rep is due to call. With a mobile app, no one needs to call him to let him know about the support ticket, or how it was resolved. He can walk into that meeting and say, "I see we resolved a support ticket for you this morning," or, "I see you've been having an issue, how can I help?" He stays informed, so he stays connected to the client.

Plugging into Infor CRM mobile also keeps your back office staff in the loop, no suprises, no delays. Your sales manager can easily monitor open opportunities, review forecasts, and follow up for quality control purposes. As soon as the field agent updates the client's record, she can see what transpired and plug that information automatically into her reports. The big picture unfolds, without having to wait for sales reps to call in or return to the office.

Infor CRM (Saleslogix) makes it easy to go mobile

The Infor CRM mobile app is incredibly easy to use, and it's thoroughly intuitive. You can be more productive faster, because you aren't spending time searching for the function you need or clicking through redundant confirmations. (When was the last time a computer asked you, "Are you sure?" and in fact you weren't?) Some of the time-saving features include:

  • Use of hashtags so reps and managers can locate information quickly.SalesLogix-Mobile-Notes-search For example, one could just type #phonecall to see recent phone calls made or #open XYZ Co. and see everything you're working on together with that client, either for that single rep or company-wide.

  • The dashboard for the mobile app is intuitive, making it easy to find the information you're looking for with few clicks. Schedule, contact information, client history and notes, all accessible from the home page. If there's something you'll need which isn't there, don't forget that Infor CRM Mobile is fully customizable.

  • Prioritization of work based on schedules and open opportunities is a snap. Know who to call, or what to follow up on, and in what order for the most productive day. 


I like Infor CRM (Saleslogix) for a lot of reasons, but probably the most important is that they don't try to soak you for wanting mobile capability. The mobile platform, should you want to use it (and I really think you should), is included in the price for Infor CRM.  It's easy to set up and there's no extra cost as a barrier to entry.

Contact Success with CRM to see what Infor CRM  Mobile can do for you.


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