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Who are you going to Call - Priority Call List to Rescue

Like the famous "Ghost Buster" movie call to action, "Who are you going to call..", you now have the ability to help yourself. Enter your business development system such as Marketing automation for ACT! and Infor CRM, and view the Hot, Warm and Cold list of people who are interested in your company's products and services.  This is an instant boost to sales productivity and viewing the immediate results of your eMarketing campaigns.


Marketing automation for ACT! provides the “Marketing Results” sales tool within ACT! or Infor CRM, including the Call List.

The Call List capability gives you insight into who your most interested contacts are. While your recipients open and click on your templates, Call List assigns a score to each recipient based on their interaction with your email messages – giving you a ranked, qualified list of who you should call first. The Call List contacts are based on their interaction with one or more of the E-mail campaigns they received from you. When an E-mail recipient opens your E-mail, or clicks on links in your E-mail, they are given a Call List Score that is used to create the Call List. Recipients self-qualify on what they are most interested in. The Call List Score is designed to tell your Sales Team which of your recipients are more interested or “Hotter” than other recipients, and are therefore the people you should be calling first!

Call Lists are created and stored online and can be synced into your ACT! or Infor CRM database. Syncing a Call List gives you direct access to some of the most important and up-to-date information you have about your contacts. Use the Call List combined with your existing ACT! or Infor CRM data, plus our other Marketing Results Sales Tools to help close more sales. Once you have created a Call List and have “Synced” it into ACT! or Infor CRM, it will appear in your Marketing Results Tab in the contact view.

Call List Benefits

  • Know who your most interested contacts are and what content interests them
  • Form groups out of your hot, warm and mild contacts for more focused, future emailing
  • Gain confidence that you are calling only those qualified contacts in your database
  • Managers - assign Call Lists among your sales team members
  • Ultimately make more revenue as you are calling only those contacts that you know are interested!


This is an image from ACT! marketing.


Infor CRM contact history of marketing email results.

Infor CRM History main view Inbox Guru results.png


Please keep in mind that you will need to send an E-mail campaign prior to creating a Call List and Call List is only available to Pro or Team Email Service Level feature.

Call List Dashboard

View, create and assign Call Lists. The Call List Dashboard is an overview of all of the Call Lists you have created.


Call List Viewed Online

See who is most interested anywhere you have an internet connection. Each Call List you create will look similar to the one below. Your Call List may contain multiple pages, so make sure you view your entire Call List. The Call List is automatically sorted from the highest score to the lowest score, so that you can contact your most interested leads first. By clicking on any of the column headers you are able to re-order the Call List in any way you want.


Sales Pilot view (as shown in Infor CRM)

InboxGuru Sales Pilot for Infor CRM.png


If this looks promising for your business, give Dick or Julie a phone call:  269-445-3001 and mention, "Who are you going to call.."

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