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Individualization and customization

The Internet has made individualization and customization more possible than ever before. It’s what we expect now, whether we’re business owners, or employees, or customers. The question is how to make it work when you’re selling a product or service and you’re not an Internet giant like, well, Facebook.

The first question Facebook asks is “Who are you?” Then its algorithms set to work figuring out what it thinks you like and choosing ads accordingly. Pandora and Netflix do the same thing. They pay attention to what you choose and present you with other options related to that.

describe the imageWe talk often about how to use a CRM system to capture knowledge about your customers so that you can do the same thing. Building relationships with them depends on treating them as individuals. They are at the center of your business – it’s customer-centric, and magic happens when you encourage your staff to relate to them that way.

Which brings us to your team. You’ve hired a bunch of individuals. Each one has his or her own strengths, and if you’re wise you encourage them all to work from those strengths. When you provide a CRM system that can be adapted – customized – to serve them all well, you empower them to innovate their approaches in ways that will maximize their engagement with your customers.

Building relationships with them depends on treating them as individuals and adopting a customer-first approach.

To empower your team, make sure of three things: 

  1. That your CRM system has the capabilities to be customized not only for your particular business, but also, within that, by each member of your team so that the information they use the most is at their fingertips.
  2. That your team is trained to use your chosen system and then receives ongoing updates as necessary.
  3. That you have communicated clearly the value you place on the strengths they bring to your team.

Team Strengths Meet Customer Needs

For instance, someone on your team may be a natural teacher. People gifted to teach love to unleash the potential in others, and therefore this team member will look for ways to share knowledge that will make the customer successful. Give this person tools to create attraction content for inbound marketing learning breeds loyalty, and it’ll be gold.

If you haven’t already assessed your team’s strengths, I highly recommend it. Marcus Buckingham is a leading speaker and writer on this topic.  His latest book, Standout, is about finding your edge and winning at work using strengths. Find your edge at work review is covered here. Each book purchase includes access to a new strengths assessment online that will help you identify your top strengths roles.

Mine are creator and provider. What are yours?



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