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What’s the difference between Creatio and the CRM you’ve known and loved?

BUSINESS SOFTWARE: The Struggle Is Real, but Does It Have to Be?

The business landscape changes almost daily. Innovation comes at us fast and paradigms shift on the fly. It’s challenging to keep up, isn’t it? Businesses desperately need ways to respond faster. Having robust yet adaptable processes has become more essential than ever.

Innovation in software is both a cause of and a response to rapid change in business. What role can and should it play in structuring agile business processes to support your ongoing success?

We’ve been business software consultants for a long time, and over the past few years we’ve discovered four key truths about how software is working for organizations:

  1. Implementing business software is too often too long and too painful.
  2. User adoption remains one of the top three reasons CRM initiatives fail despite advancements over the last 15 years.
  3. When companies implement a bunch of distinct, unrelated applications to try to solve problems, they create silos in their organizations.
  4. The way business software is built typically makes it hard to change quickly.


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Productivity Challenges:

Productivity-need for improvement -bpmonline CRM

We’ve also noticed that one software, Creatio addresses all four of the challenges. It’s designed to provide a unique synergy of business process management with case management. Compared to other software, this combo creates distinct benefits.

  1. Implementing Creatio is faster right out of the box. It’s built based on industry best practices. From that starting point, it can be customized with just a few clicks in ways that help you reach your desired goals faster.

  2. Users adopt it more easily because its use of AI makes it more adaptable to how team members interact with it. User-friendly modules increase everyone’s agility in a rapidly changing landscape. You don’t have to be a tech expert to run a case on Creatio.

  3. It aligns teams and applications instead of creating silos. It supports collaborative procedures that integrate sales, marketing, service, and even operations, keeping your customer’s experience unified, simple, and seamless.

  4. Creatio is built on a low-code platform that facilitates faster change. For instance, you can drag and drop elements of its case designer to manage stages and activities appropriate for each customer.


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The mission of Creatio is to help medium to large companies accelerate. They do that by integrating systems for consistent process improvement. Its modules include:

  • Organizational structure management
  • Task management, including the ability to create visual models such as flow charts for even the most complicated processes.
  • External as well as internal communication management
  • Contact and account data management
  • Other data management modules that you can create. It allows infinite customization to accelerate your time to strategy execution.
  • And a mobile application, of course.

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What are you doing to ensure you will keep pace in this rapidly changing business landscape?

Are you ready to accelerate?

With the right tools and an experienced advisor on your side, you can. We’re here to help you reach your destination in the lead. Contact us today for a free initial systems consultation or a demo of Creatio with a simple call to Dick @ 269-445-3001. 

Pedal to the metal, and let’s go!

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