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What's New with Saleslogix Sync for Google Gmail

Not fond of Microsoft Outlook but Love Google Gmail?

Saleslogix-Google-Gmail-integrationSaleslogix CRM allows you to love either.  If you work in Microsoft Outlook then look no further than the Saleslogix Xbar for Outlook.  More here.  But if your business runs with Google Gmail then Saleslogix can help get that done also. Also you may have some people using Outlook and other using Google Gmail - Saleslogix works with either.

What you can do with the Saleslogix and Gmail Integration:

  • Users work where they work (in Saleslogix or Gmail) via a two-way sync
  • Easily manage emails, calendars, contacts and tasks
  • Save relevant email conversations and attachments in Saleslogix
  • Take advantage of cloud-based integration between Saleslogix and Gmail.  Reduce IT costs and fustrations.
  • Simple to maintain, OAuth-based, cloud-friendly

Email Integration:

  • Work in the system you prefer - Saleslogix or Gmail.
  • Emails tagged with Saleslofix/SendToSLX label are automatically recorded to History in Saleslogix
  • Emails in Gmail are categorized as either "Recorded" or "Contact not Found" so you can take further action, if necessary.



Contacts Integration:

  • Add and edit Contacts in either Gmail or Saleslogix
  • Control which Contacts in Saleslogix sync to Gmail using the ad hoc group defined in Tools\Options.
  • Contacts created and designated for sync in Saleslogix will continue to sync between Gmail and Saleslogix as a contact.



Tasks / To-Do's Integration

  • Maintain and manage your :To-Do'" in Gmail or Saleslogix
  • Create, schedule, and complete Tasks/To-Do's in Gmail or Saleslogix
  • All non-recurring To-Do's synch to the Gmail Tasks called "Saleslogix"
  • Tasks will show up in the Saleslogix and Gmail Calendars as well.



Stay on Track with your Calendar

  • Create and maintain a unified schedule in Gmail and Saleslogix
  • Activities can be one-time or schedule to recur
  • User's calendar will remain updated in both Gmail and Saleslogix
  • All calendar items are synched as "meetings" to Saleslogix.



Learn more about Saleslogix Sync for Gmail at www.CRMthreads.com

Download full presentation, click here.

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