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When I discuss social media with clients, we consider various methods of building relationships with people and the development of a collaborative community of people interested in what they can provide.  It brings to mind the similarities found in nature.  It has been awhile since I had Plant Biology (college in early 70's) but because I have a strong background in farming and live in the country, I automatically picture plants and roots.



You will start out with a seed. With nourishment, care and some time it can turn into a thriving organism. "Organism" is another name for lots of cells relating to each other in an orderly way.  

This analogy can also apply to a business that starts as a seed thought in the mind of an entrepreneur and blooms to a full-fledged profitable business. 



Just like organisms, some business relationships have a long 'tap' root that goes deep and supports the relationship through the good and the bad times.

Other relationships seem to have a 'finer' touch and more breadth than depth.

So you see, relationships between people will have different patterns just as in nature.



As time passes, the relationship may become uncared-for and "weeds of discontent" may develop. Over 60% of a businesses customers will leave because they don't feel that they are being cared for.   

Make sure your business has a customer-centric business strategy supported by a system for Success with CRM that nurtures and cares for them.


Take a hint from the Natural laws. Develop a strategic plan for building relationships and take the progressive actions in relationship development.

That way, when the time comes, the relationships have developed from Know to Like to Trust. 

A blooming relationship whether in nature or in business is something to relish and smile about!










I certainly enjoy Spring and what is to come.  How about you? We'd like to hear your comments below......


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