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We find that many businesses new to CRM have a long-lasting, productive relationship with their organizations' use of Microsoft Outlook.  That is their currently used main productivity application and their connection to communications past and present with their various contacts.

So for the business new to Saleslogix CRM it is helpful to have an option for the new CRM users to more easily transition and adoption CRM.  This capability is now even more pronounced with the new Saleslogix Xbar.

The Saleslogix Xbar in Outlook enables users to access their most important Saleslogix information and functionality through an intuitive, context-aware windows that is "docked" with the Outlook interface.


Now if you have Salesloix 8.x or 8.1 you have access to the Saleslogix xBar.  It is a adaptable panel of options showing related information about the current contact.


Now you can use the email in your Outlook Inbox and turn email into a new opportunity, new lead, new account or new contact and effectively turn email into conversations.  All of this is easily available from the Saleslogix Xbar inside your Microsoft Outlook.


Additionally you can drag an attachment directly to the Saleslogix contact shown in the Xbar. Now while you are in Outlook you have direct access to richer, and more details of the contact in Saleslogix.  It will show the last key activities, open service tickets and sales opportunities.



Check out the new page dedicated to Your CRM Inside at crmthreads.com which provides updates on Saleslogix Xbar, key resources, and information about upcoming events.  Or visit our Saleslogix Xbar for Outlook site.


Exiting Saleslogix Customer?

Saleslogix Xbar for Outlook will be available in June to Saleslogix v8.0 and v8.1 customers on an active maintenance plan at no charge. 

New to Saleslogix?

Saleslogix is the CRM platform of choice for companies strategically focused on customer engagements. With the ability to deploy Saleslogix in the Cloud, on-premises, and via mobile devices, you have flexibility to implement the optimal CRM solution for your organization. Contact us to learn more about Saleslogix today at 269-445-3001.




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