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USP - Is a way of explaining your position against your competition.

It is a way of summarizing and telegraphing the chief benefit of the business, product, or service being marketed.  Your USP may express the "theme" of your business, product, or service.

Well known examples: 

  • Which coffee is "mountain grown"
  • Which beer is made with "the cold, clear water of the rockies"
  • Walmart - "the low price leader"
  • "Fresh hot pizza delivered in 30 minutes or less, guaranteed".

Ask your best customers why they do business with your company.  What is it that is unique in the relationship they have with your business? What do you do differently than your competitors?

Learn more about defining and using your Unique selling proposition.....

Likewise a UVP - unique value proposition is known as a unique selling proposition (USP), your UVP is a clear statement that describes the benefit of your offer, how you solve your customer’s needs and what distinguishes you from the competition. Your unique value proposition should appear prominently on your landing page and in every marketing campaign.

Related is your value proposition.  Your value proposition is a cost vs. benefits formula that is evaluated subconsciously and automatically in your prospect’s mind when they encounter your marketing touchpoints. Think of it as an equation, balancing the perceived benefits and perceived cost of transacting with your brand.

If your perceived benefits outweigh the perceived costs, your prospects will be motivated to act.

Notice the word “perceived.” It’s very important to understand customer segmentation. Your benefits hold different weight for different people. You need to find out which of your benefits are perceived to be most important to your unique prospects.

To understand what your USP is, answer this question:That was helpful advice

"Why should I choose your business/product/service versus any other competitive option available to me?"


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