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Using Infor CRM Xbar- CRM productivity Inside Outlook

CRM productivity in Outlook email with Infor Xbar

The current version of Infor CRM Xbar is 1.2.1 that became available this summer.  It includes more productivity enhancements which make it very easy to add new accounts, contacts, opportunities, tickets, activities and note right from your Microsoft Outlook 2010 or 2013 versions.

The practical usage improvements start with being able to Complete Actions in Infor CRM from Xbar such as completing meetings and To Dos (any schedule activity)

The Ask Menu pops up when simply dragging email information over a card or selecting the Task menu: 



Other options I like that greatly improve functionality:

You can now jump directly from Xbar Ticket or Opportunity view to the full client version of that Ticket or Opportunity if needed.  Now you can easily capture New Tickets and New Opportunities directly from inside of Outlook and jump to your Windows or Web client version for more information or use the full CRM system capabilities.

The Global Search improvements provide added filters for entity-related drill down such as searching for a person that in Leads or Contacts at the same time.


Also when an email arrives in our Outlook Inbox you can use that e-mail to create a new opportunity or service Ticket besides adding a new contact or account.


New Features up through Infor CRM Xbar version 1.2.1

  • Embedded CRM Experience inside Microsoft with Global Search (find anything using Speed Search)
  • Dynamic CRM look ups are based on the context of the email:  a person, phone number, email address
  • Call out to the LAN Windows or Web Client.  Now Infor CRM Windows user can use Xbar integration.
  • Drag and Drop signatures.  Easily take action to move things along.
  • Easy to Use Update Contact Wizard
    • Empowers user to control only the information that they want to update
  • Smart Account Association
    • When creating a new contact Xbar will automatically do a lookup for account, based on company name and associate it to your contact.  It can carry forward the account address into the new contact record.

  • Complete Action options with addition of Ask Menu throughout Xbar
    • Summary view widgets
      • Account
      • Contact
      • Lead
      • User
    • Perspective views
      • What's New
      • Member View
    • Drill thru
      • Account Search
      • Contact Search
      • Global Search
    • Edit views
  • Ability to add a note from anywhere within Xbar
  • Simple Configurations to have more control:
    • Totem configuration
      • Choose groups associated to the totems such as open opportunities change to Closed-Won opportunities
    • Change default filter on the Member View
      • At the top of the Member view change the filter from "All", "To" or "From" email links of the Outlook highlighted email.  I typically only care about the "From". Selecting less will speed up data retrieval.
    • Choose the number of cards (records) in Member view to load at one time.
      • 3 is the default and if you have more horse power, select a higher number.
    • Choose native language in Settings
  • Enterprise and Localized Installer
    • Use the Enterprise installer to install from a network location
    •  System automatically checks for 32 or 64 bit-version
  • Defects Fixed
    • Fix for Assigned To lookup on Ticket
    • Drag and drop email signature exception error
    • All sort orders corrected
    • Opportunity potential only accepts numerical values
    • Auto-focus implemented on Create Note

The Xbar 1.2 usage story:

The theme of Infor CRM Xbar for Microsoft Outlook (Xbar 1.2) is making your daily workflow even easier while in Outlook.  If you have taken advantage of Infor CRM Xbar, then you are familiar with the drag and drop feature in the product, and in Xbar 1.2 some changes have been made that will help you update your contacts and create new contacts and leads. 

The major change comes by adding an Update Contact interface that shows you the existing information in Infor CRM and compares it to the information that was just dropped in from an email signature.  The intent behind this feature is to give you even more insight into the changes you make and empower you to control what gets updated in Infor CRM with drag and drop.

The next main enhancement was made to the new contact/new lead creation story when a user drags and drops an email signature.  The same behavior that existed in the Xbar 1.0 and 1.1 releases exists, where the data from the email signature parses over to the fields in Xbar with one major change. 

Xbar 1.2 will associate the account information for the user all by identifying indicators within the email signature (i.e. email domain or company web address).  Xbar will parse that information into the edit view, and automatically do a lookup based on that specific information. 

Once Xbar locates the account it will associate it to the new contact, and presto, there is less impact on your time for creating new contacts.  This builds on the mindset of eliminating hassle from daily tasks that should be very easy, which Infor CRM hopes to eliminate with its wide array of products.


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