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BPM-Business process management, Business Process Automation, Creatio CRM

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Bpm'online real estate-from needs analysis to keys-in-hand

Use BPM online real estate to manage a full cycle of real estate processes starting from needs analysis to keys in hand.

Integrate BPM online real estate with MLS and import listings from MLS into the BPM online system. 

Import MLS listings into bpmonline


Match request with the listings and vice versa. Make your real estate application shine with beautiful design stunning photos.  Browse the list of imported listings and their details and connect them to the contacts or accounts in your system. Process all your customers’ requests in a single point of buyers and seller’s requests.

Make your real estate application shine

 Show pictures on iPad


Manage a perfect working process with your customer at each stage of the deal using BPM online real estate. Create a single database of all customers, partners, landlords, and tenants.

  • Lead capturing
  • Listing matching
  • Showings
  • Offering
  • Closing


Contacts listing-1

Use BPM online real estate to keep records of property units and requests, browse contact addresses on the map and search for contact profiles on social networks. 

Addresses found


Build relationships with customers and partners based on a complete history of your communications.

360 degree customer view


Managing property database:

Create a unified property database. BPM online real estate provides instant access to current property information including address details, map locations, descriptions, property details, plans, images, documents, and related contacts.


Managing listings:

Essential functionality, a user-friendly interface, and settings simplicity are modern standards that help you to search for the desired listing in a matter of minutes. Use listings to manage the real estate database of your property units.  Match listings in line with your customers’ expectations.



The listing section allows you to visualize all the important data connected to your listings. Manage your customer needs, create and print brochures using our handy PDF download feature.  Get up to the minute views using dashboards,

Listing metrics


Integration with MLS:

The MLS integration feature allows you to manage listings right from the BPM online real estate app. Import data from MLS to create a unified property database in BPM online real estate. The system provides instant access to any property information you need, including addresses and an interactive map showing the locations, descriptions, property details, images, and documents. 

MLS listing with map


Managing Requests:

Never miss a request coming from a variety of sources: phone calls, emails website forms and personal meetings. Taking advantage of a unified customer request database, using additional property details indicate a clear list of customer requirements to the needed property unit. Match listings with the requests easily, right from BPM online real estate. 

 customer request form


Manage all opportunities within a single section in BPM online real estate. Keep a complete history of your work, listings, activities, and correspondence, offers, discussions in the feed attachments, and comments.

Opportunity mgmt real estate bpmonline


Managing communications:  

Keep track of events within your company using our corporate social network. Subscribe to updates from channels, projects, or activities. You can share your ideas, like, and comment on the posts.

Feed communications

Make calls and receive requests directly in the system by using the communication panel. Plan your working hours, your meetings, and tasks using our handy calendar. You can create personal or group tasks, then synchronize those tasks and your calendar with google calendar or Microsoft Exchange.

Handy calender bpmonline

All notifications about important events can be seen on a specific notification panel. Work with your emails and BPM online real estate without having to switch your email boxes. For this purpose, each message can be connected to accounts, opportunities, orders, and other system objects. 

Notification panel 



Managing business processes:   

 business process

You can automate key business processes using a powerful yet simple visual process designer. Model processes in BPMN using pre-configured elements in BPM online real estate. Design your work processes in several simple steps. Just indicate the sequence of actions and owners, and BPM online will automatically build the relevant diagram in BPMN. The process is now ready to run. 

Managing knowledge base:

Keep the essential publications and internal regulations in a unified knowledge base. Articles, scripts, guidelines for new employees, document templates, presentations, answers to frequently asked questions can all be stored.

Customization and administrative tools:

Customized BPM online real estate to fit your unique business needs and requirements. With only a few clicks you can customize the viewable area of any page to see only the desired information utilizing dashboards and other indicators displayed - namely graphs, metrics and registers. Use the section wizard tool add new sections in BPM online and edit existing ones.

 View Bpm'online CRM for Real Estate Agency Overview Demo:



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