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Interactions with prospects and customers in the modern digital age can be brief, even fractions of a second, and it’s what you do in those moments that can make or break a deal or relationship. Everyone across sales, marketing, service, and support plays a key role in the interactions with customers and prospects, whether in the field or in the office, and mobile devices play a prominent role in providing real-time access to key data.

Mobile Moment: A point in time and space when someone pulls out a mobile device to get exactly what he or she wants immediately, in context.
—Forrester Research

Mobile moments can define every customer interaction and relationship. When your customers demand sales information, service, or support in a mobile moment that is your time to shine and separate yourself from the competition. Discover how to increase customer loyalty, elevate your customer relationships, and drive sales with mobile moments by viewing the recorded webinar below.       


Turning Mobile Moments into Sales Opportunities, you will learn how to produce great mobile moments for your customers and how Infor CRM Mobile specifically delivers purpose-built applications that provide just the right amount of information and functionality at the right time. Give us at call for a discussion that will also address:

  • The importance of mobile moments in the modern sales cycle
  • Examples of sales, marketing, service, and support mobile moments that WOW the customer
  • Strategies to design purpose-built mobile applications
  • How to leverage the capabilities of Infor CRM to deliver great mobile moments  

 View how Infor CRM Mobile can make your selling day easier and more productive, here...



Download Mobile CRM Infographic


The widespread proliferation of mobile CRM tools is rapidly changing the way people are communication, relationships are getting built and work is getting done. According to the research firm IDC, 37 percent of the world's labor force, or 1.3 billion workers, will identify as mobile workers by 2015.  Mobile CRM solutions like Infor Mobile CRM and Act! Premium Mobile are valuable tools for turning mobile moments into sales opportunities.

Select or call Dick: 269-445-3001 for solutions for your business.


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