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The following is from our friend, Erik Tavenner, Solution Consultant at Infor

Just-what-I-wanted-CRM.pngThe old sales joke is - Everyone’s favorite radio station is WiiFM.

Your Internal Customer has to know “What’s In It For Me” – WiiFM, to Buy-In

The CRM project manager must Tune in to what users want to hear.

Management wants Reports – Users Don’t want to do reports

The mission is to identify how using CRM makes the data for the reports. 

WiiFM – manage your time / calendar and sales opportunities in CRM you don’t have to do Trip & Pipeline reports anymore – they become Automatic! And effortless – AND you get those frustrating hours in “Excel Hell” back –you used to “Waste” building reports. To accomplish this you must have and show users bulletproof yet simple Outlook Sync & Mobile platforms.

Time gained = More time selling = more sold = more commission  = happier you


Sales Wants more Leads – Marketing wants better information

Good Data stewardship is a critical organizational discipline – Anointing CRM as THE One source of the truth makes it possible

WiiFM – If users of CRM keep and share accurate data in CRM. Everyone benefits. Sales entering accurate data, enables Marketing to build better filtered lists to target marketing campaigns. Integrated marketing campaigns, allows Sales to see how prospects reacted to this targeted campaigns, which simplifies selling and accelerates selling.

Better Marketing = Better Leads = More Sales = More Commission  = vacation!


Everyone Visibility - Left Hand Knows what Right Hand is doing

The Age Old story – representative walks into a meeting with the client and doesn’t know they were talking to someone else – just the other day. “Don’t you all talk to each other?”  Feeling ambushed?

WiiFM – Sales and Customer Service using CRM as their operational platform provides instant line-of-site visibility into all interactions. Infor CRM, through is prebuilt ERP data integrations, extends the insights of the “Health” of the customer by providing order and invoice history, which empowers the team and enables decision making with a complete perspective. NOW Sales can walk into a meeting with the knowledge of: are they paying? have they received their shipment? and do they have any outstanding issues? – Will any of this prevent me from closing the sale today?

Visibility = Better Account Management = Happier Customer = Retention = Easier Selling

CRM Project Managers – Tune In! to WiiFM

Project success squarely rides on the shoulders of the Utility of CRM. Taking time and identifying the WiiFM for each user community across the enterprise enables you to Win CRM user adoption. When the analysis is done right; the system will be designed correctly; and that clarity of WiiFM for the users will make training fun and easy. Users will leave excited, empowered and clear on how it benefits them – which is why they want to use Infor CRM.


Tuned In to WiiFM = Targeted Functionality = Obvious Utility = User Adoption = CRM Success = Profitable Relationships

By: Erik Tavenner, Solution Consultant, Infor

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