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Truth about CRM – It’s not about the software, It’s in your actions.

Over the years I've heard the frustrations from business owners down to the workers on the production line.

people-process-technology-images"Where is the communication in this company?"

Simply…. it is up to ALL of us.  Owning responsibility, using the CRM software you have in place and listening to what the employees are BEGGING for.

How can I make my job easier, more productive with accomplishing what needs to be done so I have a better pay check at the end of the week? In all roles in a company this is true, no matter what position you have.

The company you own or work for, most likely invested both money and resources in a CRM software to help their business grow.  What does this mean to you?

7 Keys to Success with CRM - Select CRM that Suits Your People

Can  sales management see clearly what each sales rep is working towards?  Is it in the right direction for what the company is trying to achieve this year?

Is your production line waiting on parts to finish an order that was due yesterday because the sales department didn’t communicate on the latest new changes?   Does the Group Leader have a clear idea on what orders his team needs to complete and when? Do they have access to the CRM system to notify each department on what they need to complete the order?

Here’s the hard answer…. No! Not overall within the company – from Owner, Executive Management, Sales, Customer Service, Warranty, and Production Group leaders.

Why not? You have invested a huge amount into a CRM system that works “O.K.” for the Sales Team, provides some idea of a sales forecast for the the VP of Sales, and the production line…. well, they get the job done, but you seem to have costly warranty issues, unaccountable sales reps and high production employee turn over? 

Are you still sure you are using your CRM system to it’s potential?

Have you had your VP of Sales sit down with your Production Manager AND his Group Leaders? If you did,  what did you learn?

Start a conversationOur goal this year is to take the the “scariness” and “doubt” out of CRM technology. Let Dick and I help your employees have confidence in adapting the Saleslogix or ACT! system. When taking the time to find out each employees frustrations and accomplishing what they want to do with this technology, builds a GREAT foundation!

They are your most valuable resource in helping your business grow with CRM.

Can you make the same goal this year?

 Part II: CRM works for my company, but have I made the people that use it “Champions”?

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