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Transform Sales with Customer Collaboration: How CRM Helps

Have you noticed it’s getting more competitive out there?

Too often competition devolves into trying to win a customer with the lowest price. Generally, what that means is that the customer gets a low-quality bargain and unless we’re talking about a giant enterprise with a scale like Amazon, the company can’t make a profit. Competition creates at least one loser.

Instead of competing with other companies for customers, what if you switched up the sales mindset to collaborate with customers?

Collaboration creates situations where everyone gains.

When you interact with customers from a collaboration mindset, they gain confidence in you because they can tell you see their individual needs and preferences and you make their success your priority. After all, we all want to be treated as fellow humans first, rather than as prey to expand someone’s sales numbers.

This collaborative customer experience is the main driver of sales success for small to midsized businesses, but it must be fast and easy, too. If we study customers and the kind of interactions they want when they do business, we see that anyone younger than, say, 50 thinks it’s abnormal to not at least have the choice of hassle-free digital interactions with whomever they are doing business with. This applies to B2B buyers as much as it does to B2C. In fact, recent research shows that one in three B2B purchasers would rather not talk to a sales rep at all.

Yet it’s also true that they expect personalized attention wherever they connect with you.

Given these expectations, you can meet the challenge of providing a fast, easy, collaborative customer experience by transforming your sales culture as well as your use of technology.

2 Steps to Transforming Sales with Customer Collaboration

Create a customer-focused culture.

A winning B2B sales strategy must put the customer front and center. Train your reps to get curious about the people they are contacting, to get to know them, their behaviors, and what they care about. Can you create some KPIs around gaining new insights and making human connections? Providing some training in communication, interpersonal skills, or emotional intelligence could have a big payoff.  Customer-Centric business relationship development is the core foundation of CRM- Customer Relationship Management.

Transform your technology.

One key strength of robust CRM software is that it is designed to function as a collaborative tool between small to midsized businesses and their customers. When staff use it well, Creatio CRM becomes a dynamic resource for knowledge about customers that yields ever-deeper actionable insights that will provide personalized attention and frictionless communication while improving your ability to help them be successful.

Remember, customers as well as prospects expect options and seamless integrations starting with their first encounter with you. Using the capabilities of Creatio, you can provide answers to their requests for information about your products or services easily accessible online, so they won’t have to talk to a sales rep if they don’t want to. Customer service can have those same options, using customer history shared across your organization.

Plus, Creatio‘s easily customized low-code platform that combines CRM and process management shines at increasing the efficiency and productivity of employees. Like we said about collaboration, it creates wins for everyone.


According to the MIT Sloan Management Review in 2019,

“Improving customer experience through better technology and automation represents a huge opportunity for most B2B business.”


Reframing your sales mindset from competition with your rivals to collaboration with customers will differentiate you. Dare we say, it might make you more competitive?

Contact us anytime you want to explore how CRM can empower more external as well as internal collaboration.

Schedule a Call with Dick or drop me an email.


Topics:   Sales Conversation Improvement Creatio CRM Team Collaboration Make sense of what you face

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