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How to Successfully Select and Implement a CRM

Learn how to navigate your options and find a CRM that fits your business goals.

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Automated Lead Management - TaskCentre as Virtual Assistant

Using Technology for a Smarter Business and Automated Lead Management We all realize that saving time for more productive uses is a smart decision. A specific area where technology can help to ...
author Dick Wooden 8 Min Read
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TaskCentre Web Service Connector Tool Released

Orbis Software recently announced the formal release of the TaskCentre Web Service Connector Tool incorporating the new Data Transformation Component.  This additional tool provides enhanced ...
author Dick Wooden 6 Min Read

Getting Things Done - Business Process Tools to the Rescue

One of the key business drivers for our clients is the ability to consistently get more things done in less time, especially those tasks that are currently using an employee whose time can be better ...
author Dick Wooden 4 Min Read

Diary of Relationship Conversations for Sales Success

Do you remember your previous conversations with each of your key contacts for each active sales opportunity?  What did you commit to do and what has your customer committed to do? 
author Dick Wooden 9 Min Read
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Comparing Smart Tasks to Activity Series in ACT!

One of the new capabilities of ACT! 2011 is the addition of workflow using "Smart Tasks".   We have covered these in prior blog articles, here. Smart Tasks and activity series are similar because you ...
author Julie Cooper 7 Min Read
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4 Key Aspects to Boost Sales Efforts

Four key aspects can help to boost your sales efforts.  These are complimented by using the integrated Emarketing capabilities found in either ACT! contact management or Sage Infor CRM. 
author Dick Wooden 9 Min Read

7 Ideas for Marketing Automation with ACT! Smart Tasks

Nurture Prospects Automatically with Drip Marketing Create multi-step campaigns to nurture new leads and incorporate these Drip Marketing plans into your Smart Task sequences.  Drip Marketing blends ...
author Dick Wooden 6 Min Read
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