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How to Successfully Select and Implement a CRM

Learn how to navigate your options and find a CRM that fits your business goals.

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Can You Really Get Better at Selling?

So you have been selling your products and services for awhile now and have been using a CRM system to track communications, schedule meetings and identify the sales opportunities in your pipeline.  ...
author Dick Wooden 8 Min Read
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Delivering Compelling Value and 7 Step Framework

Delivering Compelling Value to Your Prospects and Customers Ok folks, we're not talking value here - we are talking about undeniable, influential and sustainable value! Compelling value changes the ...
author Dick Wooden 6 Min Read
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Persistence In Sales

The Need for Persistence in Sales and Delivering Value to your Customer The following was a presentation by the Michiana BNI Education Coordinator, Marty Werling, President of Sights and Sounds, Inc.
author Dick Wooden 6 Min Read

Success by honing your USP--Unique selling proposition

How do the strengths of your products and services match what your prospect or customer wants?
author Dick Wooden 3 Min Read
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Turn traditional selling around--Value creation selling

The heart of the new approach to selling is an intense focus on the prosperity of your customers. This is a radical departure from what most salespeople and selling organizations do.
author Dick Wooden 2 Min Read
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