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How to Successfully Select and Implement a CRM

Learn how to navigate your options and find a CRM that fits your business goals.

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The Lone Ranger Is Not Best for Your Business Sales Growth!

Small business starts with a Lone Ranger  With a small business, the owner or maybe another person performs the sales activity.  This "lone ranger" is the person who obtains the new prospects, ...
author Dick Wooden 8 Min Read

Clean up the Chaos for Success with CRM in Business

Keeping a computer sharp requires periodic defragging. But if your hard drive is littered with junk files, defragging isn’t very efficient. You’ll end up gaining less free space than if you’d cleaned ...
author Dick Wooden 5 Min Read
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High Touch and High Tech: High Referral Businesses Need Both

Do you fear that technology and social media marketing will mean the end of the personal touch with your clients?  Not to worry. Buzz-worthy businesses are both high touch and high tech. John ...
author Dick Wooden 6 Min Read
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Results Based Selling Tools with CRM for Your Sales People

We often hear from a Sales Manager or a VP of Sales that they are struggling with knowing what their sales people are focusing upon and obtaining a quality view of the status of sales opportunities. ...
author Dick Wooden 9 Min Read
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Diary of Relationship Conversations for Sales Success

Do you remember your previous conversations with each of your key contacts for each active sales opportunity?  What did you commit to do and what has your customer committed to do?  Are others in ...
author Dick Wooden 9 Min Read
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Finding Targeted Leads - Just Got Easier in ACT

You know who your ideal target customer is and you are looking for more OR you are trying to expand your market share.  Well, the searching for targeted leads just got a lot easier - that is if are ...
author Dick Wooden 5 Min Read

Think Like Your Customer

We have run across several businesses that have developed their sales process and want it included as part of the sales opportunity management - which we can easily do with both Sage ACT! and Sage ...
author Dick Wooden 4 Min Read
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