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How to Successfully Select and Implement a CRM

Learn how to navigate your options and find a CRM that fits your business goals.

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Enhance Anticipating Your Customers Needs using CRM

Anticipate Your Customer Needs As I was reading a www.Business2Community.com blog article about the Importance of Anticipating Your customer needs, from Daniel Burrus, he got me thinking...
author Dick Wooden 5 Min Read
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Stop flip-flopping between Outlook and Infor CRM

Gain complete access to your CRM data directly within your Outlook. Many CRM users still rely heavily on their Microsoft Outlook as their main daily communication tool for prospects, customers and ...
author Dick Wooden 5 Min Read

The Death of the Black Box- Knowledge Sharing Reigns

Wikipedia, YouTube, open source software that powers the Internet – reminds us that we have entered into an age of information sharing. Not that we’re ready to do away with the concept of ...
author Dick Wooden 5 Min Read
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CRM gives a business continuity - who owns the data?

Who owns a company's data and related information? The obvious answer would be "the company."  What seems to be obvious, however, is not always accurate.  Let's say that your company's top ...
author Dick Wooden 7 Min Read

WARNING: Your Sage ACT! is only a Rolodex

You only have a fancy, high cost Rolodex Warning, business owners and managers! Watch out because your business vision of having  engaged sales professionals and a database full of business ...
author Dick Wooden 7 Min Read
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Fuel for Action from Knowledge -Infor CRM

Knowledge is FUEL for Better Decisions and Actions One thing I have learned over the years from my clients is the huge importance of capturing the knowledge about the relationships with prospective ...
author Dick Wooden 8 Min Read
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