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How to Successfully Select and Implement a CRM

Learn how to navigate your options and find a CRM that fits your business goals.

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Personal Attention + Delivered Value = Customer Retention

Everybody needs personal contact and the deeper understanding that this produces. Business owners thrive on it. Customers keep coming back because of it. Yet in our hectic days, how do we maintain ...
author Dick Wooden 7 Min Read
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Down the Broken Trail of Forgotten Relationships - Part 1

You have your ACT! Software. You are now on the cutting edge of Customer Relationship Management. Now what? First of all, a system like  ACT! is not just a glorified rolodex.Like a rake hung in the ...
author Julie Cooper 9 Min Read
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Are You Delivering What Your Customer Expects? Everytime?

Let's face it, the customer is in control of your business. Your business success depends on your determination to create a remarkable experience for your customer each and every time.
author Dick Wooden 8 Min Read
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