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How to Successfully Select and Implement a CRM

Learn how to navigate your options and find a CRM that fits your business goals.

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Leaders are Readers- start the habit of reading while you are YOUNG

The hall of fame motivational speaker, Charlie T. Jones, many times stated, "Leaders are Readers".  But more importantly I will always remember Charlie's statement - "You are the same today that you ...
author Dick Wooden 3 Min Read
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Success - Intersection of Business Development and CRM

One of the most exciting and fulfilling parts of our business is in the sharing of the discovery of intersections for our clients that allows for giant leaps in business growth, business clarity, and ...
author Dick Wooden 11 Min Read

Integrate CRM Into Your Overall Business Processes

While visiting with prospective clients, someone on their decision-team will eventually start to ask questions about how to best integrate Customer Relationship Management software into their ...
author Dick Wooden 6 Min Read

Entrepreneurs are Generous with Time and Money

Our US economy was built with an entrepreneurial spirit of individual effort, creativity, ingenuity, and a determination to get things done.  There was a recent study that reported that 89% of ...
author Dick Wooden 3 Min Read
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Transform Your Success Focus to the Customers' Experience

Learn from your customers to deliver a great customer experience and increase your business success. Forrester Research Principal Analyst Kerry Bodine says many companies put buyers into customer ...
author Dick Wooden 4 Min Read

Why should your customers refer you?

It’s rare to be a one-of-a-kind business, with no competition.  If that describes your business, you are fortunate, assuming there is a demand for your business.  Nonverbal alien communicators may ...
author Dick Wooden 7 Min Read

Customer Retention as a Profit Center

The foundation of maximizing customer value has to be creating excellence in keeping and satisfifying customers!
author Dick Wooden 5 Min Read
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