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Friday Fun ACT Tips - No Compiling Call Reports, How Cool is That?

Sales Activity Reporting at your fingertips Question:  --“The Management” "My sales reps spend 6-8 hours compiling a call ...
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Give Your Sales Efforts a Lift

Have you ever wanted to find more prospective customers like the ones you currently have or be able to drill deeper into business ...
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Sage ACT! and Outlook Integration Results in More Productivity

Enjoy the benefits of seamless integration that now allows you to have the same contacts in Outlook as you do in Sage ACT!. Plus, ...
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Time Marketing Campaigns to Maximize Results

In marketing, the right timing is essential.  If you wait too long to follow up with an interested prospect, they will lose ...
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7 Ideas for Marketing Automation with ACT! Smart Tasks

Nurture Prospects Automatically with Drip Marketing Create multi-step campaigns to nurture new leads and incorporate these Drip ...
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7 Ideas for Excellent Customer Service with Smart Tasks

Delivering Outstanding Customer Service Customer service is another great area to automate everyday tasks with ACT! contact ...
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Reconnect before Business Relationships are Lost - Automatically

To stay at the "Top of Mind" of your customers and prospects is the purpose of your Keep in Touch strategy.   
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ACT! - Contact Management Software -What's New

Sage software officially made Sage ACT! 2011 available for purchase through their early bird promotion program.  Julie and I ...
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