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Bad CRM and Winter Blizzard Experiences....

For those of you with past experiences from a Winter snow blizzard you might find similar characteristics in a badly implemented and non-used CRM.


Top 10 reasons a Winter blizzard is like Bad CRM, in no particular order since each of us have different experiences...

    1. Both a blizzard and bad CRM never come at the right time.  You have places to go and a business to run.  Who has time to get stuck or stranded?
    2. You can't get a good vision of where you are at.  Well-used CRM will have helpful information to guide a business and make smarter decisions.  Just like a blizzard you can get blind-sided, rear-ended and effectively NOT knowing where your business stands with poor CRM.
    3. Both a blizzard and bad CRM will make it slow to react to what is happening.  Both your motor skills and mental skills are hampered.  Likewise bad CRM wastes your time and takes too much mental energy to get the work done in some enjoyable fashion.
    4. Poor CRM and a blizzard can cause tunnel vision.  You'll miss the world go by on the sidelines.Blizzard_tunnel  Missed abilities to connect with value occur much too frequently with bad CRM.
    5. You may even get injured and other things stop working.  In a blizzard there is always a chance that something you do or another driver will cause an accident resulting in an injury.  Bad CRM will also cause sales reps to not be effective in obtaining great sales.  The customer service rep will not be able to respond smartly and in timely matter to those calls for help.  Too much injury and emotional stress.
    6. Poor mobility comes from a blizzard and bad CRM.  Just like a car spinning its wheels a Bad CRM will not allow the intended users to quickly find information, will not allow them to filter information to view trends and will not allow them the easy access from mobile smart devices.
    7. It's extra tough to build relationships with bad CRM and during blizzard.  I once loaned a guy a shovel to dig out his car in a blizzard.  That did not do the trick so I used our big farm tractor to pull him out of the ditch.  No sincere thank you and I never got my shovel back in that blizzard.
    8. Bad CRM like a blizzard will stop people and the business achieving their goals.  You can't get back home or to the store for needed supplies.  Likewise bad CRM sales goals are not achieved, customer service goes to pot and business management can't make smart, timely decisions.
    9. A big investment in time, dollars and resources is required to survive, repair, fix and clean up both a blizzard and bad CRM. That makes people just mad and frustrated, for much too long.
    10. The plain truth -a winter blizzard and bad CRM is NOT people friendly.  CRM should be People first.

A well-used Customer relationship management system helps you enjoy work and your surroundings!




We are here to help in planning for Well-Used CRM with or without blizzards!


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Let me hear how about your experiences with a winter blizzard and Bad CRM....by commenting below.  

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