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The key to building a business that can be easily scaled and improved is its ability at creating and managing processes.

A business process is a set of steps that you and your team are repeatedly going through to communicate, develop a product, or deliver a service. 

When processes work well, they significantly improve efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction. The opposite happens when they don’t work well or are nonexistent. A great business wants to avoid inefficiency, unproductivity, and customer dissatisfaction at all costs.

Break your business down into processes, and every key task that keeps your business running becomes

  • Predictable
  • Improvable
  • Delegate-able
  • Measurable
  • Automate-able
  • Scalable – and ultimately
  • Sellable


Processes require strategic creation and management.

You can’t afford to create them just for the sake of creating them. No one has time for that, and chances are that kind of process will function as a weight around your ankles instead of wings to set you free.

In today’s business world, processes need to be dynamic so that they can evolve with changes in customer needs, market needs, and your business needs. Smart use of CRM will help you understand your customer needs, but alone CRM not usually agile enough – it's sort of like a desk-bound superhero who is highly capable but slow to jump into action. You can’t afford to have someone like that on your payroll – speaking metaphorically, of course.

Fortunately, business process management, or BPM, software that incorporates CRM, gives business owners the agility they need to underpin every customer-facing process effectively. One example of this type of process-driven CRM is Creatio.

In a straight-up CRM, adjusting the business process often requires expensive and time-consuming configuration by tech service providers. Contrast that to Creatio, which gives you the ability to tweak your own processes within days with no technical expertise involved.  Read more about using Creatio CRM business processes, dynamic cases, and workflow capabilities.


Process example in BPMN



Related case: A leading B2B telemarketing agency reported an ROI Of 1281% -- you read that right – on their process-driven CRM deployment after only three months of using it. Their success lay in the agility the agency experienced in adjusting their processes for each new client without complex and time-consuming configuration by IT specialists.


Process-driven CRM enables you to continually introduce, test, and automate new processes. You can find bottlenecks and adjust your processes to eliminate them. When a process is working great, you can replicate it and multiply its effectiveness across your organization.

Creatio Process Designer: contracting process

Contracting Process map


Experts like Gartner and Forrester have been consistently stressing the benefits of merging CRM and BPM technologies, pointing to the importance of incorporating business process management at every stage of customer interactions.

Creatio Super Powers to Accelerate

Download this Creatio e-book for more insight into what business process agility really means for your business. Based on what you read, you can then examine the state of your own business.

What business process do you have in place?

Are they working at peak efficiency?

Are you encountering challenges that require new processes?


Give yourself this little quiz, then contact us to discuss the results.  Office: 269-445-3001 or email Dick

We are here to help you accelerate the transformation of your business. We look forward to hearing from you.


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