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Tips to Reduce Wireless Expenses - from Increase Use of Mobile CRM

Today all types of business are constantly using more and more from their wireless service.  Studies indicate that there is a 14.6% increase in productivity when selling organizations add mobile access to CRM



Cell phones, mobile tablets and laptops from field sales team members are sucking up wireless bandwidth, and at an increasing cost.  This cost should be reviewed at least semi-annually since plans are always changing.

The following tips help with managing the wireless cost from our friends at Abilita:

Tips_to_Reduce_Wireless_Expenses-Abilita.jpgCellular phones and data devices are wonderful tools to increase employee productivity – helping employees stay in touch and keep connected. Wireless spending is a growing expense category for many businesses.  Yet, as the device mix and usage patterns are change along with cellular provider plan changes, wireless is also one of the more difficult areas to exercise effective cost management.

Contract Negotiation – Make sure that your corporate cellular plans are up to date for the best pricing as well as the best plan mix for your voice and data devices.  If you have not reviewed your corporate pricing and contract within the past 18 months, then you are likely missing opportunities to reduce costs. In rare circumstances, companies may be on an older grandfathered plan which is less expensive.

Establish Wireless Profiles. There is no one-size-fits-all wireless plan for employees unless you have a very small employee pool and all individuals work within the same area and perform basically the same job function.  You need to understand what your usage needs are in order to know what plans to ask for from your cellular provider.

Pool Data. With user profiles, you can combine the employee subgroup usage into pooled data so that employees with higher than average data usage will not incur overage fees or require a higher cost individual data plan.

Analyze your monthly invoice to identify the billing errors and monitor usage trends by user. Eliminate the lines with no usage. Use the wireless profiles to identify those users with high usage.  Yes, a salesman in the field should have more voice and data usage than an admin person in the office.  But in some cases, high usage is due to improper practices by the user.  Users should use secure Wi-Fi where available for their data applications.  High weekend data usage may be due to non-business applications.  iPhone and iPad users with the latest software should disable the new “enhance Wi-Fi” feature. This typically can cause extra data usage as the device will drop a weak Wi-Fi signal and use cellular instead.

Establish Written Wireless Usage Policy. This is important for both corporately owned as well as employee reimbursed phones and plans.  The policy should cover acceptable use standards, establish that the company has the right to be reimbursed for extra charges due to personal non-business usage, set out the company security policies to protect company data and prevent malware and identify procedures for employees to get support in the event that their device is broken, lost or stolen. It should also establish the company’s right to remotely erase data from a phone which has become lost or stolen.

For more information on reducing and managing your wireless spending, or to receive your free telecom audit, contact your Abilita consultant, Frank Smith.

These tips brought to you by Abilita, Inc., a full-service telecom consulting firm helping clients across North America achieve greater cost efficiencies and improved performance for all of their telecommunications needs.  http://www.abilita.com/abilita-blog/


Topics:   Mobile device management Lower IT costs Mobile CRM Make your business work smarter

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