Les-Giblin-Dealing-with-People“The minute you detract from another’s dignity as a human being, you are in for trouble,” This quote from Les Giblin captures the essence of business success in a nutshell—any kind of success, really, because true success cannot be gained at the expense of others.

Treating others with dignity means listening more than you talk. It means remembering what is important to your customer or strategic partner and valuing it as much as your own priorities. It means finding win-win solutions.

Giblin wrote his classic book, How to Have Confidence and Power in Dealing with People, in 1956. The wisdom he shared in it has never gone out of style. Ignore it, and a relationship with your customers is impossible.

We believe in the value of a care customer relationship philosophy as a key to business success because of this principle of how to treat others. An effective CRM system like Creatio (bpm'online) or Infor CRM is an essential tool for capturing and sharing information about your customers that, used wisely, will empower you to make every contact you have with them show the dignity and respect you hold for them as unique individuals.

“Every person you meet wants to feel important, and to ‘amount to something,’” said Giblin.

How do you make someone feel important?

  • Don’t underestimate small courtesies.
    • Be on time for appointments.
    • Hand-write thank-you notes.
    • Remember birthdays and anniversaries.
    • Use the alerting and group feature of your CRM system to keep you on track.
    • Integrate CRM data with your reliable smart phone.
  • Think of others as important—as important as yourself. Train your staff to do the same, and to demonstrate it in every sales and customer service contact.  Your CRM software is there to benefit your customers as much as your business.
  • Notice people more.
    • Listen to what makes them unique and what’s close to their hearts, if they honor you by sharing it.
    • Record what you learn in contact “notes” for future reference. You'll be glad you did weeks and months later.
  • Find opportunities to make someone else successful.

It is a joy to work with people who have this mindset.  We can connect to real issues more quickly, to get to the heart of what they want to accomplish.  A collaborative improvement in productivity helps to provide added value in the client relationship- year after year.

In the comments section below, please share how you cultivate respect and relationships in your corporate culture?


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