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Time is the one resource we cannot add to not matter what.  The clock keeps ticking whether we accomplish something or not. 

Time steals our accurate Time_is_a_Thief-CRM_the_cure-smallcollection of thoughts.   

We do forget the details over time, unless you are a hermit on a deserted island with little to remember. We don't remember as clearly and that inaccuracy can get you into trouble. Ever have a customer call you and she immediately communicates an issue on their mind, but your total recall may be somewhat shady, you scramble to lookup the latest emails or pull printed information from a folder, somewhere.  All awhile time is ticking away....

Wouldn't it be more helpful if you could quickly lookup the person on your mobile phone's Saleslogix or ACT! application and presto, the latest details are quickly shown to you.  An Ah-Ha moment occurs and you can quickly respond with really helpful information.


Time steals the insightful and personal connection details

These are those important seemingly small things of what we all like and dislike.  A great client will demonstrate positive communications found in CRM's history and notes.  Using your CRM you can be quickly refreshed about past conversations and shared interests.  Maybe its kids and school related. Maybe there is a similar bond with a sports team or travel interest.  Or it could be the shared "Thank You's" of recognition.

Likewise the related information in CRM may indicate trouble tickets from service or support issues. Do you even notice common problems that only this customer has?  Product returns, excessive support calls on how they are to do things or very slow invoice payment history?


Time is a Thief of Focus:

It is well proved that multi-tasking is a productivity killer. There is wasted time as you switch between tasks and get refocused. Tools in CRM will help to keep your focus on the best prospects, best opportunities and important next actions. Better focus and clarity on what matters will increase the quality of your engagement and the work being done. All leading to massive productivity improvements.


But with focused and full engagement, overtime, achievements occur.  Over time knowledge of your best prospects and customers becomes deeper ingrained and much more valuable.  Over time those deeper connections among people inside and those outside our organization strengthen. You and your employees seem to understand better why the customer buys, why your product works better for your customer than from a competitor and why the "services" your business provides seems less like an every now and then transaction.  It is much more like Friends helping one another.


You may become masterful of time and better control its use.  CRM has the tools tho help keep your focus on serving and growing your most profitable customers. You can share your thoughts and communication among various sales, service and marketing teams - resulting in remarkable customer experiences and increased engagement within your whole organization.

Kill the thief’s of time with greater success from CRM...  Give us a call to discuss how CRM can be the cure.  269-445-3001



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