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Things to remember when choosing a CRM system

Avoiding the trap of the wrong CRM system 

Buying a new tool based solely on features is never a good idea. Even for thmosrevered, top-rateThinking_Man-resized-600.jpgd product, if it doesn’t fit the needs of your organization, or, if it is not properly implemented, the fact is, it will be hated, berated, and worse–avoided.

According to Forrester, “The cost of poor adoption is twofold: underutilized investment and unmet business objectives.”1  Therefore, since your sales are highly dependent on the quality and use of your CRM and how it integrates with the rest of your organization, choosing the right one is not a decision to make lightly. 

Things to remember when choosing a CRM system 

Too much is too much.

A CRM system with too many features is actually a bad thing. Salespeople don’t want to be overwhelmed by their tools–they want easy access to useful tools and information that gets them closer to the sale faster. Watch out for features that sound great, but make you say, “I’ve never thought of that,” or that cause you to question their relevance. Chances are if you haven’t thought of it, read about it, or gotten requests for it, it isn’t going to be used by your team.

For example, Creatio mobile CRM app is built for mobility–with a task-oriented user interface that enables users to perform key actions quickly. Mobile is a must, and it must be affordable. Even inside sales teams need to access information outside the office. Check available mobile features, integration capabilities with your systems and applications, and social networking services and systems. Compare features vs. pricing to ensure you are getting the most usable solution for your money.

Is it good for your company, or good for the customer? 

It should be good for both. A CRM system's purpose is to improve the work lives of your employees through simplification and automation while improving the customer experience through better, faster service. “I believe the biggest challenge for the future of CRM systems is trying to make the system simple enough so that the sales force can use it, but at the same time comprehensive enough so that it can manage huge amounts of data,” said Steve Thompson, AgReliant Genetics, winner of Gartner and 1to1 Media’s 2013 CRM Excellence Award for Sales Force Automation.

“One of the big trends I see for sales force effectiveness is the continued adoption of smartphone and tablet devices by our salespeople….now they have a wealth of third-party apps that they can access that make their customer interactions that much better.”

With Creatio CRM, users have a complete view of customer interactions across your entire organization so they can collaborate effectively and respond promptly to customer inquiries–easily and accurately.

Align your CRM strategy with company goals.

Positive you’ve found the best solution? Will it pass the scrutiny of even your top salespeople? Great. But if you grow out of the solution in two years, you’ve made the wrong choice. This important project needs to be implemented like an ongoing journey, with a highly experienced IT leader at the helm, executive buy-in, and alignment with company strategy. It’s a good idea for all the groups that will be using the system to outline its near-term and long-term goals so that the most important of them can be addressed. Ideally, the solution you choose will be with your company for the long haul, scaling with your growth and expanding with your needs.  Learn more about the characteristics of a well-used CRM system.

Rollout with users in mind.

Again, consider this a journey that never ends rather than a project with one deadline. Your CRM capabilities should change as your customer needs change, and as technology advances. In addition, your employees will need training. Don’t assume they will love it right away – people, in general, are resistant to change. “Avoid mistrust and the feeling of loss of control by getting others involved in the changes before they occur and asking them to offer input and feedback,” says Lisa Quast, in a recent Forbes article on implementing change.2 And, make a big deal out of it! A little internal promotion with executive backing will help with employee buy-in.

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Creatio Mobile CRM is the mobile CRM for today and tomorrow

Creatio low-code CRM addresses all of your mobile CRM concerns. It has just the righfeatures to give employees information at their fingertips with an easy-to-usinterface. It’s affordable, scalable, and has integration capabilities to grow with your organization. Empower the individual with mobile-friendly CRM.

Creatio CRM is a state-of-the-art technology platform that is built for mobility. An award-winning CRM solution, Creatio CRM provides a comprehensive view of customer interactions across your sales, marketing, customer service, and support teams so they can collaborate quickly and respond intelligently to customer needs and sales opportunities. Creatio CRM provides:

  • Flexibility. Deploy in the cloud, on-premise, mobile, or hybrid. Integrates with backend applications, social networking services, and Accounting like Quickbooks 
  • Control. Define and automate key business processessophisticatesecurity, and administration capabilities, and maintain control of your data.  More on built-in business process management
  • Usability. Easy-to-learn-and- use interface brings high-end user acceptance, low learning curves, and rapid productivity.
  • Mobility. All the capability your team wants, on any device, anywhere, anytime. Creatio CRM brings useful information in customizabldashboards, embedded menus, dropdowns, and one-click access to get what you need. 
  • Marketing automation. Connect with customers and act oopportunities. Capture and manage leads from almost anywhere. Marketing Creatio is built into and provides a one-stop view of all customer activities.


Creatio CRM Mobile is the CRM system for the mobile world. Give your sales team what it needs to succeed, and improve the customer experiencwhile meeting company goals–today, tomorrow, and beyond.


For a no-obligation conversation and review if Creatio CRM is right for you: Call: 269-445-3001 or email: Dick@SuccessWithCRM.Com 



 1 Forrester, “CRM Success Hinges On Effective Change Management,” William Band, Claire Schooley. December 3, 2013.

2 Force.com "Overcome The 5 Main Reasons People Resist Change,Lisa Quast. November 26, 2012 

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