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Better planning leads to improved results at Trade Shows

Having a well-used CRM is a critical component in the preparation and follow up processes for more effective marketing.

A vast majority of exhibitors have lead generation and new business development as the primary reason for exhibiting in trade shows.  Keeping the sales pipeline full of fresh, qualified leads is a top priority and the single-most important metric to a company’s stakeholders continues to be sales driven.


According to the Trade Show Exhibitors Association (TSEA):

  • 80% of decision makers attending a show will preplan who they will visit at the show

  • Yet only 20% of exhibitors conduct any sort of pre-show promotion to engage them & bring them to their exhibit


If lead generation is a primary goal of exhibiting, then a primary focus has to be getting on your best prospects Top 10 List using pre show promotion and then implementing effective post show follow up.

A creative single or multi step direct mail program targeted at key decision makers and offering a relevant incentive for visiting will significantly increase visit engagement by decision makers

Because, the TSEA also reports that 92% of trade show visitors at national and/or regional shows have not been contacted by an exhibitor, a structured post show follow up campaign (maybe sales contest to motivate the sales team) tracked by your CRM system to measure follow up and opportunities will drive results: higher lead to sales conversion rates, shorter time to sales, and a reduced cost per sale.


Remember the 5 P's - Pre-Show Planning Prevents Poor Performance

Todd Zaseck
Adlink Promotions

For help in making your Trade show more successful I'd strongly recommend you visit Adlink Promotions, for Promotions Driving Results.  Todd will provide helpful advice and products for building the right trade show campaign that will create useful results and keep your business top of mind.  Reach Todd at: (574) 271 - 7003

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