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Business Transformation, low-code/no-code, digital transformation

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The Future Starts Now: Stay Competitive with AI, No-code/Low-code CRM

“I sure look forward to when things get back to normal.” How many times have you heard someone say that since last year at this time? Maybe you’ve uttered or thought it yourself. It’s an understandable reaction to the rapid, disruptive changes that were thrust upon us.

But it’s important for small to mid-sized businesses to accept the fact that there will be no going back to business as we knew it. The world has been transformed, and to continue to compete, we must continue to transform, too.

Adopt a 'digital-first" business strategy

According to Forrester, 89 percent of all companies have either already adopted a “digital-first” business strategy or plan to do so. Some of those companies have brick-and-mortar presences, but they still recognize that today’s customers expect to be able to shop around using a digital experience, even if they choose to purchase in person. This is as true for B2B customers as it is for consumers. The reality of the market is that if we don’t provide customers with easy digital interaction, they will move on to a vendor who does.

Businesses that hope to maintain their edge need to invest in tech that transforms operations for both employees and customers while improving cybersecurity. Creatio’s recently released eBook on digital trends for businesses identified functionalities to prioritize as traditional businesses treat infrastructure upgrades as investments. Companies that make such investments will reap benefits.

Read this Harvard Business Review of: Why AI That Teaches Itself to Achieve a Goal Is the Next Big Thing

Two trends that Creatio identified: increased use of AI engineering and no-code/low-code.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence, or AI, uses machine learning to simulate human thinking and mimic human actions. In environments of intense change, ambiguity, and intricacy, says the eBook, AI can expedite performance and dependability. It’s projected that AI will boost productivity by 40 percent by 2035, and “85 percent of businesses and IT executives anticipate making extensive investments in AI in the next three years.”

Creatio software has AI functionalities that can review big processes and intelligently automate repeating and manual tasks. Additionally, AI features enhanced data analytics so the user can discover trends and deeper insights. With AI and machine learning, Creatio can gauge the probability of marketing campaign success and customer churn, score leads and opportunities and predict deal amounts and close dates.


To stay successful, businesses must “generate/produce value at the speed of need,” according to the eBook. No-code/low-code means that customizing an application requires zero to minimal programming. It allows companies to build software apps and processes quicker than ever before without relying on IT developers who are expensive and hard to find. For instance, with Creatio CRM a marketer or account manager can make changes to adapt to specific needs, with point-and-click ease. Sales reps, service professionals, and HR specialists without software skills can become citizen developers, saving the organization time and money.

No-code/low-code is already seen as a key ingredient in a small to mid-sized business’s change strategy and digital infrastructure. Forrester reports that the average company they surveyed avoided hiring two IT developers by using low-code tools over the past three years. And Gartner says that more than 65 percent of app development in 2024 will be on low-code platforms.

Taking advantage of Creatio's Capabilities

Here’s a sample of how some specific businesses have created interconnected customer-facing and organizational processes by customizing specific functions in Creatio:

  • Ent Credit Union in Denver, with just three CRM support staff, has used Creatio to elevate the member experience, manage leads, and automate their sales process, all on a unified interface.
  • BSN Sports, the biggest online sports equipment distributor in the U.S., has automated its marketing, created omnichannel customer engagement, and managed the ordering and fulfillment processes.
  • Visteon, a leading supplier of cockpit electronics, has tailored their Creatio to manage quote lifecycles, tasks, and approvals, and align clients’ and partners’ international data.

All of these are built without the need for IT developers on a framework of business process management and dynamic case management, integrated and synchronized across all departments of the organization.

All our businesses are operating in a climate of more rapid change than any of us has ever experienced. Going “back to normal” is not an option. The future beckons. Now is the time to assess whether your organization’s tech infrastructure will keep you competitive.

  • What steps and strategies will you prioritize?
  • What features do you need in your CRM or process management software to accelerate your internal operations and delight your customers as they interact with you?

We’re here to help. Contact us with any questions. Also, to see for yourself how AI-engineered tools and no-code-low-code app development works in Creatio CRM, get a free, fully functional 14-day trial here.



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