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CRM is here to stay - Real benefits for accelerated business success

Whether your sales team is using the most basic CRM tool or the very latest release with every bell and whistle, customer relationship management - CRM - is now a mainstay of professional sales forces. 

Love it, leave it, use it, lose it curse it, or embrace it, CRM is here to stay. It is simply too useful for sales reps, sales managers, marketers, and top management to do without.

CRM tools can often pull in data from a wide variety of business-intelligence sources, and in the years since its inception, it has been able to provide users with abundantly useful data on prospect companies and current customers, markets, and rivals.  All this can help reps sell better in a world where customers know more, so salespeople must know even more.

And CRM keeps top managers informed on what reps are doing and how leads are progressing through the pipeline toward qualification, appointment, negotiation, and close.  Marketers can pass leads to CRM systems or nurture leads that are not yet warm enough for reps.  Financial type can tap CRM systems to enable better revenue forecasting.




All this is possible, but not easy.  CRM reports data and can analyze, slice, and dice data in amazing ways.  But someone must enter the data and keep it up-to-date; that is usually the rep's job. So engagement is critical.


Helpful Benefits based on Relationship Engagement

Saleslogix CRM distributes leads to reps in the field, and with an extraordinary set of dashboards and reports, it keeps managers well informed on every aspect of the sales effort. Your CRM system must have mobility built in which will increase engagement by the sales reps. They are kept informed with what is happening at the main office such as support calls and completed shipments.  Speech -to-Text can be easily captured from sales calls using mobile technology now available.


Saleslogix CRM can easily access sales automation which lets salespeople quickly and effectively manage their accounts.  They can work with colleagues on important documents, tap into intelligence on the competition, and access product and pricing information.

Saleslogix Mobile helps sales teams become prepared and insightful, collaborative and connected, quick and mobile, and highly productive.  It empowers mobile sales reps to continue working deals while on the road.


CRM gives reps and managers a 360-degree view of the complete sales cycle and pipeline.  They can identify trends, spot opportunities, increase efficiency, and reduce costs with right answers, right now, as CRM automates day-to-day business tasks.

Saleslogix CRM typically increases sales productivity by 13 percent and productivity by up to 20 percent, according to Nucleus Research.  Saleslogix is the cloud CRM that delivers a real-time, 360-degree view of the customer experience. 


Saleslogix CRM goes beyond traditional systems designed to force data entry and empowers reps to spend more time selling.  Reps focus their time and energy on the most important deals in the pipeline when it matters most.


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