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It is critical that during the CRM deployment and training process, you carefully engineer the Ah-Ha moments for your user community.

These moments will crystalize the intent and purpose of why the CRM implementation is happening. The key is making the CRM system about the user experience and not about the results of use. All too often CRM deployments are perceived as “Big Brother” monitoring me. While reporting is a capability CRM provides, the project team has to proliferate the message that, CRM is intended to, first and foremost, to give the user Better and More data, to enable outstanding service while interacting with the customer, which builds loyalty.   Secondly, the CRM deployment should focus on simplifying workflow through a reduction of the toolsets required to perform in each role.

So, how do we articulate that two pronged approach and drive adoption in the process. We accomplish that by employing what is called “The 3 X Factor” as documented by CRM Author, Barton Goldenberg of www.ismguide.com

3x Factor  3X_Times.png

For Every piece of data I put into CRM – It must Benefit me a Minimum of 3 x

Easy 3 – If I put Data into CRM…

  1. I can retrieve my CRM data with any device, any where
  2. Other people in my organization can too, and not ask me
  3. My data builds the required reports, So I don’t have to, no more Excel!

Plus 3 –

  1. Marketing has better profile data to do Marketing for me! No more “Make a list”
  2. I can see Other People’s Interactions with my customers (i.e., Customer Service)
  3. Other data & Intelligence is provided to me (Trends, ERP, Order History, Social media)

And the List goes on…….

As a CRM Project management team, it is your obligation to identify these systemic features of CRM and actively promote them, explain them, market them to the user community as part of building the buzz before go live. Users must clearly understand the reduction of systems and how processes are simplified for them as they interact with customers. The 3 X + factor will squarely focus on functional needs and document the benefits of using the new CRM tool.

Building this buzz is what I refer to “Selling the New” and never referring to it as “Change”

Most people, by default, resist Change – But everyone loves NEW, who doesn’t love new? Everyone loves new – New shoes, new cars, new houses…..NEW is Good.

So sell the new of CRM. Why do companies advertise “New and Improved!” because there is an automatic perception built that we’ve tried hard to make things better. In the case of CRM deployments, if we haven’t made it better, why do this CRM thing? In this process of building the buzz internally, we are looking at CRM to be a Catalyst for New and Improved.

In today’s internet economy – faster, better, easier is the default requirement.   Infor wants to help your organization Identify the 3 X + Factors across your user community and then demonstrate how Infor CRM will deliver the “New” faster, better, easier way to work!

By: Erik Tavenner, Solution Consultant, Infor

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