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Target Marketing Customers by What's Important to Them

How about having targeted campaigns for customers that:

  • Have purchased a specific product and may be looking to purchase more of the product, purchase a similar product or upgrade to a new better product.  This may even be key services such as IT system consulting, CPA Write up or business assessment services, and so forth.



  • Have not purchased from you for a given number of months and you're are looking to re-connect with a new offering you know will be of value to them






    • Are your top customers that have purchased say $1,500 or more from your business in the last 6 months.  You want to stay at the very top of their mind.



Recently QB Sales Data integration with  ACT! has been enhanced to improve your customer service response and to accelerate the time in converting Sage ACT! opportunities into a QuickBook transactions.


An upcoming release will allow more personalization by providing support for Quickbooks custom fields to sync into your ACT database.

For more information about the ACT  and Quickbooks integration, visit our QBSalesData page

Download QBSalesData product document, here


Are you using Quickbooks or  ACT but don't have them integrated?  Would this be integration  be beneficial to you?

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