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Stop Wasting Your Company's Time - Effective Sales Enablement CRM

Time is Money so look to an effective CRM system to save time


How much time is taken in any organization in what can be called “search”? It might be time spent in locating a relevant document relating to a contact, or the right address for billing and not shipping. Perhaps time is spent trying to talk to the only person in your company familiar with a client’s situation.  Your fellow associates are saving those key conversations so shared client insights are available, right?

At its simplest, bringing in a CRM system will provide a company with a repository of every important contact, document, phone call, and email relevant to a particular company account. It’s a one button click to choose to associate any of these with a company and related contact. Importantly you don’t have to save everything so you are not overwhelmed with information. This will help eliminate the time wasted on “search”; allowing more time actually dealing with prospects and customers.

Sample Infor CRM (Saleslogix) contact lookup:



Listing and Reporting:

Another often cited elimination of waste is the repetitive task of business reporting. Very often the same tasks of collating information from multiple sources is pulled together by sales people, service reps, and marketing staff. Very often the administration is so time consuming that reporting does not happen at all or is so late as to be irrelevant.

At a basic, functional level your contact and company accounts can be grouped, listing the relevent information that you need day to day.  Groups such as "My activities for today", "My contacts", "My open opportunities" and "My accounts" help you stay productive.  Quickly visualizing your working information helps you stay on track.

Infor CRM provides many tools such as Contact Groups and simple listings:


Additionally, Filters provide a unique capability to expand or drill into the current Group for any entity: Accounts, contact, tickets, or opporunties.

Group filters.png

Reporting, assuming the basic information is being entered regularly, is a simple process with CRM. Pre-designed reports can be run as often as required allowing for proper consistency of data (complaints handled per employee for example, or the pipeline of an individual salesperson might be another). The data needs only to be entered once when relevant and the collation of the data into useful reports are handled by the underlying CRM system based on the parameters set by the company. Reports are real time, comprehensive and dynamic.

Sales dashboards quickly show items like the status of the pipeline and your current opportunities- easily accessible with a single click:


So stop wasting your company's time. Start with the implementation of an effective CRM system that appreciates in value and grows the business productively.

Making your business work smarter with CRM is our firm's objective!  It starts with a conversation to 269-445-3001.    CONTACT US


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