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Stop flip-flopping between Outlook and Infor CRM

Gain complete access to your CRM data directly within your Outlook.

Many CRM users still rely heavily on their Microsoft Outlook as their main daily communication tool for prospects, customers and fellow employees.   Also we find that new users to a powerful CRM system such as Infor (SalesLogix), like the current familiarity with their Outlook.  User adoption is extremely important for a new CRM system to take hold and there are tools and processes to make this adoption easier.

Infor CRM will seamlessly integrate your CRM information with your Microsoft Outlook email system.  The main feature we enjoy is to view contact and lead information for each recipient on the email directly from Infor CRM.  Quick access to help in knowledge capture and transfer.


With Infor CRM Xbar panel inside your Outlook you'll gain immediate access to all of your CRM functionality right through your email application. You'll breeze through recording emails and contacts.  Add notes to contacts, log appointments to your calendar, search your CRM, and never miss another opportunity again because you spend too much time managing your CRM.  Take back your flip-flopping time...

Infor CRM Xbar inside Outlook

Record an Inbound Email from Outlook to Infor CRM

Easily click on emails from your Outlook Inbox to record the communication to the contact in Infor CRM.  Add other contacts to link to the communications.  Capture knowledge for sharing with others.

Infor CRM xbar in Outlook


New XBar Options - Enable Drag and Drop


Improve productivity, communicate more easily and work smarter using knowledge from your CRM system.

  • No more cut & paste. Easily record email to your CRM for the whole team to see.
  • Avoid double entry of events and tasks.  Use the calendar of your choice and Infor CRM Xbar configuration will sync it.
  • Keep CRM data current.  Instantly create new contacts from an email signature.
  • Avoid delivering outdated sales literature.  Create email attachments directly from your CRM document library.
  • Get the full value of your CRM!  Automate and access your contact information quickly and efficiently.  Related communications are at your finger tips.


Visit our Infor CRM Xbar for more information about synchronization of tasks, contact and calendars.



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