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Any company knows that it is essential to build a solid reputation and following on its social media.  It's ideal for your brand to become a household name as that's when you've attained a high brand awareness.

However, things aren't always rosy and running as you'd like.  The last thing you want is to develop a reputation for all the wrong reasons - slow service, slow to react to issues, and other issues can cause negative social mentions.

It's vital to continuously track your brand's social media channels and look out for red flags. That is where social listening comes in and can greatly benefit your business.

What is social listening?

Social listening allows you to track, analyze, and respond to conversations about your brand and industry online. Social listening is the monitoring of your brand's social media channels for any customer feedback and direct mentions of your brand or discussions regarding specific keywords, topics, competitors, or industries - followed by an analysis to gain insight and act on those opportunities.

Get insights for every corner of the public Web-YouScan



Social listening is a two-step process.

First, you monitor social media channels for mentions of your brand, competitors, product, and any keywords relevant to your business.

Next, you analyze that information and look for ways to put what you learn into action. Taking action might mean something as simple as responding to a happy customer or something as that needs immediate action and may even be an escalated service case in your bpm'online CRM system.  Without the analysis and actionable responses, your brand cannot sufficiently meet the changing needs of its customers. Social listening finds root causes behind social conversations and implements long-term strategy changes.

Benefits of AI (artificial Intelligence) Social Media Listening

For marketing and research

Uncover all discussions about your brand and industry, find new promotion channels and influencers.  Measure the efficiency of your marketing campaigns and calculate ROI.

For customer support

Quickly resolve customers' issues and react to the most critical social media posts instantly by receiving notifications to the existing work environment.

For reputation management

Learn about mentions of your brand on social media in real-time and quickly act on them.  Measure the efficiency of your PR campaigns and get instant alerts about important events.


Youscan logoYouScan is AI- powered Social Media Listening

Find and analyze consumer options, discover actionable insights and manage your brand reputation with YouScan.

YouScan AI Powered sources


Various dashboards with actionable insights with easy and flexible filtering to easily stop trends and make informed decisions.

YouScan analytics dashboard

All the standard social media listening features included

Social listening is impossible without automated text analysis.  YouScan has everything you need of it:

  • All important media covered, worldwide
  • AI charged trends detection
  • Sentiment and spam filtering
  • Machine Language powered analytics
  • Smart alerts
  • API and integrations (bpm'online CRM)


YouScan provides four different plans that can scale with your business growth. All plans include:

Segment detection YouScan Sentiment detection. Machine language powered algorithms provide accuracy of sentiment 90% and higher.

Analytical reports YouScanAnalytical reports. Sentiment, Sources, Geography, Demographics, Wordcloud and more reports on an easy-to-use and powerful dashboard.

Auto categories YouScan Auto-categories.  Get mention streams pre-sorted by helpful AI-powered auto-categories such as Commerce, Promo, WOM, etc.

spam filtering-YouScanSpam filtering. Work with your mentions spam-free with the powerful spam filters that remove spam content automatically.

Smart Alarms - YouScan Smart Alerts.  Be notified when something important happens in your topic, whether it's a surge of negativity, new mentions by top influencer, new trend, etc.

Trend detection YouScan Trend detection.  Stay on top of discussions with automatic trend detection, find trends before they go viral.


Social Media Listening meeting CRM integration

Uncover new sales opportunities, as well as threats across social media with YouScan.  Empower your customer success managers, marketers, and sales specialists with social media insights delivered directly into bpm'online.

YouScan allows users to seamlessly complete challenging tasks, such as determining trends around a specific topic; getting to know industry influencers, brand advocates and detractors; analyzing sentiment around the brand and managing reputation; understanding the brand’s share of voice and monitoring competitors; analyzing the efficiency of marketing activities and getting visual insights of common use cases of the product; and much more.

Every day, YouScan reviews over 100 million posts from various channels like review sites, forums, online news sites, blogs, messengers, and social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and VK.com. YouScan connector for bpm'online seamlessly integrates the tool with bpm’online, allowing CRM users to handle all relevant requests from social media within a single workflow. With YouScan you will never miss out any negative mention or available opportunity, as it is keeping you updated in real time.

In YouScan mention stream, use sharing option with "Send to CRM" button when you want specific mention to be sent to your bpm'online.

The YouScan connector for bpm'online is available from the bpm'online Marketplace. You need an active paid YouScan subscription to use this integration.



Let's setup a discovery session how you can provide a remarkable and informed customer experience.



Download PDF: How to Choose the  Right Social Media Monitoring Tool

Obtain the Free YouScan connector for bpm'online MarketPlace.

AI-powered Social Media Listening PDF


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