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Smarter Selling - 5 steps and 59 proven ways -Business relationships

Business-relationship-development-sellingI have always found it helpful to observe different perspectives and listen to what successful people that I respect have to say. 

The definition of selling may be different for each of you, but the following 5 steps and 59 proven ways will help you gain perspective and actionable ways to electrify your offer and make more sales.


The recent article, 5 Steps for Smarter Selling, from e-Myth discusses the universal 5-step conversion process.  (They abhor the word "sales" and like to refer to "sales" as lead conversion.)

  1. Engage with your prospective customer. Make one thing clear in the initial agreement-- that the needs and comfort of the prospective customer are your primary concerns.
  2. Repeat the emotional message of your promise.  Something about your product or service promises to meet their emotional needs.
  3. Determine the customer's needs.  What do your customers want, and why do they think that your product or service promises to meet their emotional needs?
  4. Provide a solution. "Don't sell.... satisfy."
  5. Offer the product or service.  Make your offer through your customers' point of view.

These concepts will help you to build a mutually supportive business relationship with your customers- a relationship that is bigger than a mere transaction.


59 Proven Ways to Electrify Your Offer and Make More Sales by Dean Rieck covers how to use direct marketing to sell your products and services.  It's all about making an offer.

Make sure you are testing your offers to find out what works best.

Determine which offers boost your response and increase your sales.

Here are twelve of the 59 ways. Some are focused on new customers and some on rewarding existing customers. 

  • Free trial.  This may be one of the best ever devised. Sales Creatio has a free trial download.
  • Money-back guarantee.  This helps with people who may be more risk adverse.
  • Free gift.  Make sure it has value to the receiving person.
  • Limited time.  Helpful if your business model is time sensitive.
  • Credit-card payment. Nothing is easier than paying with plastic.
  • Long-term guarantee.  This dramatizes your offer and guarantee.  Give an extended warranty.
  • Introductory price.  Use this to get new customers.
  • Relationship discount.  Use this to reward current customers.
  • Installments or Bill-me-later options.  Again, make it easier for the buyer.
  • Good - Better - Best. This gives the prospect the choice of quality. What will your prospects pick?
  • Exclusive membership or member-get-a-member.  People like to belong and gain benefits from a membership.
  • Thank you referral. Help them with another resource that you know may benefit them.


Spark-ACT-CRM-consultantTesting new ideas can electrify your offer and give your business the spark it needs to boosts sales and profits.

(Check Deans article at Marketing Profs for more proven ways.)



What have you found helpful in being smarter in selling - whatever your definition may be?


Learn how can help accelerate business transformation....



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