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Deliver More Revenue with Salesfusion smart marketing automation

Marketing automation is a natural add-on solution for CRM.  Most CRM users struggle with integrating their marketing to sales efforts. Lead follow up drops off.  Contact with promising opportunities goes by the side and prospects forget the value of your offerings.

Salesfusion solves this problem with their pre-built integration for Infor CRM.


CRM + Marketing Automation Salesfusion-_Gears_to_Marketing

To attract new opportunities, convert them into contacts, and nurture them into lifelong relationships requires a deeper understanding of your customer's motivations.  Simplify your customer relationships with Infor CRM (Saleslogix) and automate your communications with Salesfusion.  With the tightly integrated "Sales Squared" solution you can implement powerful lead-to-sales management programs.

Infor CRM customers worldwide use Salesfusion to optimize the lead-to-revenue life cycle, by adding efficiency, capability and predictability to each step in the process.  Your customer interactions by email, on the web, and at web events are automatically added to your contact and group history in Infor CRM.

Feature rich and powerful, yet cost effective enough for SMBs, Salesfusion and Infor CRM will help your company's bottom line by giving your marketing team all the latest technology available to generate demand and leads for your sales team.


Key Features:

  • CRM and marketing data synched
  • Total visibility into marketing history
  • Drill-down marketing dashboards
  • Access to detailed sales and marketing activity
  • Multi-channel campaigns data in Infor CRM
  • 100% Prebuilt integration - no middleware
  • Lead scoring, management and routing


Additionally Salesfusion can provide closed loop CRM and marketing automation. Salesfusion integrates your marketing and sales efforts from a process and technology perspective.  The integration can be deployed in a SaaS, on-premises or hybrid configuration, giving administrator's flexibility to deploy in a way that best fits your business.

Visit our Salesfusion smart marketing automation page for more insights and additonal resources



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