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Mobile CRM, Make your business work smarter, Sales Productivity Improvements, ROI,

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See how mobile CRM can impact your bottom line

Let's face it - it is a mobile world out there and your sales organization needs to deploy a purpose-built CRM on mobile devices that will be well-used OR risk falling behind your competitors in sales productivity and effectiveness. If you have millennials in your sales force it is a business requirement for their full engagement.

Research by Accenture and Nucleus Research about the value of mobile CRM points this out. 76% of Chief Sales Officers think mobile CRM improves over sales team performance.  Research showed 14.6% to 26.4% increase in productivity.

How mobile CRM can impact the bottom line.....


Download: Customer Relationship Mobility Infographic


A purpose-built CRM will be well-used and a valuable asset when it can help people deliver, optimize, know, track and act proactively.





A mobile CRM system should be able to deliver a snapshot of the sales reps opportunities and allow some quick clicks and taps to update information.




What is new in Infor CRM Mobile 3.4

Simple, On demand access to account details with drill down ability into related contacts, activities, opportunities, historical notes, and service tickets.


View KPI - Key performance indicators for a group of accounts

List-with-KPIs-mobile34.pngEasily use the Calendar view to get an overview of what is scheduled and with whom.


Download Mobile Product Datasheet

Download: Mandatory Mobile - Taking CRM on the Road

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Get going with Infor CRM.

Infor CRM takes you everywhere you need to be and anywhere you want your business to go.  More than 20 years of purposeful innovation is built into the software.  Isn't it time to Sell Smarter - everywhere?


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