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Satisfying the Need to Look and Sound Professional with CRM

Looks may be superficial but sometimes they are baked in. 

Strong seed genetics create the foundation to generate great looking crops. Likewise a well-used CRM has to have a strong foundation that shows through.  Purpose-built CRM like Infor CRM has both the adaptability and good looks baked in.  An engaging user interface is normally not ugly and definitely has some essence of beauty by design.  Apple has taught all of us that beauty in design will increase engagement and positive experiences that people talk about.  Make sure your CRM solution has the foundation to be adaptable and will be able to grow on those who use it.

Delivering the Short Story and Long Term Relationships

In today’s crazy-busy world there is little time for a long-story person in a short-story world.  You need to That Infor CRM information was helpfulbring value from the first words spoken.  Salespeople who succinctly communicate their value proposition and marketers who can craft that impressive email subject lines are worth their weight in gold for a business.

The salesperson that can easily bring together valuable insights from their CRM system and social interactions about a prospective customer can more quickly connect at a meaningful relationship level.  The sounds from their mouths actually become helpful to the person in the conversation. 

It may be interests cataloged in CRM, it may be how a timely service issue was resolved, or it may be how a new product offering solves a past issue that was mentioned and saved in CRM history.  Make sure your CRM solution allows all of its users to communicate with valuable sounds.

Trusted relationships in the B2B world generally take more time than what comes from a simple, short story. It is like making an investment in a bank account time and time again, building up funds that increase in value. Stephen R. Covey in his best-selling book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People compares levels of trust in a relationship also to an emotional bank account. Likewise a well-used Customer relationship management system involves both a strategic level and an operational process level for building trusted relationships.

Not to be Forgotten

Customer study after study indicates that 60+ percent of people leave as a customer because they don’t feel cared about.  So make sure your CRM system is built around proving that holistic, even 360 degree view if possible, of your contact and customer organizations.  Successful businesses with CRM make sure there are multiple contacts in their business linked up to multiple contacts in prospective and existing customer organizations.  One example is a CPA client of mine with Infor CRM who links each partner and manager with a different “21 team” of other contact relationships:  7 clients, 7 prospects and 7 referral sources.  Each of these key rainmaker people are alerted when there is no contact ‘touches’ by phone, emails, or meetings within the last 45 days. That is what purpose-built, tailor-made CRM can do.

And Don't Forget the Internal Customers..

But let’s not forget our internal customers and building stronger relationships with the people we work with to deliver those professional results to our clients.  A well-used CRM system is a knowledge capturing and knowledge sharing system.  Bob in customer service just solved a customer service issue and also provides helpful tips to a top customer. This knowledge helps the account manager, Sally, better connect with the purchase agent of your new solution offering.  Sally updates the sales opportunity moving it from a quote stage to contract approval stage.  Richard the sales manager is now pleased with the updated opportunity and improved forecast. The Infor CRM dashboard now shows the VP of Sales, Marj that the Midwest sales team just exceeded expectations.  CRM has helped its people look and sound more professional!


For additional insights check out my recent post on delivering the untapped capabilities of your CRM application to discover easy ways to generate greater ROI from your CRM investment.

Topics:   CRM user adoption Tailor made CRM Appreciating Asset Adaptable CRM

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